Best Wedding Toppers

My cousin Richard married the lovely Jill today. It was the first time I’ve met Jill, and as you can tell from their wedding toppers… she seems like she’s pretty great. The wedding is a full weekend event, but I  could only make the ceremony and reception. I made it to the church in time, after an accidental detour to the reception hall first (I had the wrong address somehow.) Found my Dad and step-Mom, took a seat, caught up on family. The ceremony started, and much to my surprise my brother was the first groomsman out the door. I didn’t know he was even coming, much less going to be in the wedding! It was a nice surprise.

wedding favor spices

Richard really loves cooking. He always talks to my Dad about cooking game meats, and my step-mom made venison chili (for the pre-wedding party) with a buck my Dad got on Richard’s mother’s property. I wasn’t there, but from the raves I heard, it was quite a hit. So the wedding favors made complete sense for the couple, and were pretty rad for all the guests. They included a link to a site where they gave suggestions for the spices and why they like them. So clever! Jill’s flowers were all made of twisted fabric, including the boutonnieres for the groomsmen. So pretty and again, clever! I think I’m really going to like getting to know her. Welcome to the family, Jill!

The one odd bit about the wedding was the DJ. His music was okay….. he played all requests from the party. Some Guinness Record schtick. But he played only cassette tapes. He had boxes and boxes of tapes with hand labeled cases. The audio quality was super lo-fi. It worked okay for an afternoon wedding party, but I think the limits in his selection may have been a bit harsh for a later-night-dancey wedding. Seems like the dancey bit is happening at the after party (I had to head home, so I’m missing that) so I’m sure it’ll work out… but this guy was seriously strange. Not just the tape thing. He also gave a little talk before pretty much every song. When it came out, what rank it hit on the charts and when, it was like he was a oldies-dj or an advertisement for one of those era-compilation-discs. I bet you could fit all the music he had on one iPod. With better sound quality. And faster to find the music. My table was convinced the modern pop songs he had he recorded off the radio. It was unique, I’ll say that.


Me & Jen, the beautiful bride

Oh, what a wonderfully full weekend. Where to start? Jen, one of my best friends in the whole world, (and best hiking buddy, ever) got married this weekend. (The photographer Brad Ross has some great photos up on his site, over here.) I was the maid of honor, and had a great time. I can’t wait to see more of the photos. I didn’t really get very many, too busy dancing and making sure Jen didn’t need help with anything. (She barely did, a really low-maintenance but absolutely beautiful bride!) Jen treated her bridal party to manicure/pedicures at the Spirit Spa, I think its the first time in years I’ve had my nails done. Then hair done all up, and dress-up time at the Bridewater Manor… and wedding time! It was a beautiful ceremony, and fun reception…. congrats to Jen and Andrew! (Remember the vague-ish veil photos from earlier? That’s it in the photo to the left!)

Of course, what would Memorial Day weekend be like without a few BBQ’s? Jen’s Dad is really one of my favorite friends’ Dads… this is why:

Jen’s Dad sets off a cannon

Sweet Pea Trellis

The rest of the weekend had some gardening, trellis building, BBQ’ing and fresh-caught-trout eating.
The trellis Eric and I build years ago fell down a season or two ago. But the sweet peas still grew, and so I set about to re-build it, to give them some support. Last time I was stuck on the idea of building it out of only natural materials- it was mostly vines, tied with bark and grasses. This go-around I had less time and less help (though mom came back and helped with the second half) so I used mostly forsythia and some cotton cord. Much easier, and probably more stable, too. It could use some more support, but we ran out of time.
Oh, and I also got to go on motorcycle ride with my Dad, which was a lot of fun. The ride ended at the clubhouse, full of awesome mustaches and tattoos… we didn’t hang around very long, but did get to see a woman win the ‘slowest rider’ competition.
The weekend ended with an impromptu BBQ back in Philly, lovely and low-key. Oh, if every weekend could be a three-day weekend….

playing with a new ap on my phone

Its hard to describe just how fun L. and K’s wedding weekend was. Exhaustingly fantastic. I’ve never seen so many people dancing at a wedding! All generations were out there having a blast. Of course L. looked gorgeous, both at the Sangeet and in her sari and her wedding dress at the ceremony.

decked out in a sari and kurta pajamas

decked out in a sari and kurta pajamas

The Sangeet was a big party on Saturday night. Two of the Auties helped wrap us Westerners in our saris. We were pinned everywhere. I still can’t quite believe that its possible to wrap yourself up nearly as nicely as they did. Its definitely a skill.  Everyone was super nice, both families very welcoming. I was incredibly impressed with how open everyone was to learn about the other culture.  There were great performances, fantastic food, and then a whole bunch of dancing. K’s cousin came out with a dhol (double-sided, barrel-shaped North Indian drum, played with wooden sticks) and played along with the Bhangra music (he’s in a band based out of NYC, I think, called Red Baraat). They tried to teach everyone a traditional dance with sticks, where you hit the sticks of your partner, switch partners, in 7 or 12 beats. It is relatively simple, but with so many people got very confusing, which I think is part of the fun.

The wedding started out with the Hindu ceremony, a cocktail hour, then Jewish ceremony. It was interesting how similar both ceremonies were- both took place under a tent, a huppa in the Jewish one, mandap for the Hindu. They both have variations of seven circles that the bride and groom walk together, with similar symbolism- health, happiness etc.

The reception was fantastic, too. Great food, and more amazing dancing. Amusing to see all the white kids up there dancing to the Bhangra- but it seemed like everyone had a great time.  I didn’t take too many photos, because my camera is rather terrible in low-light, and honestly, I was too busy having fun!

Camera saga continues. Went to my Uncle’s wedding in MD this weekend. Had fun knitting in the car, swung by Gettysburg on the way home. And pulled out my camera to show off my pictures… the screen was broken. Not sure how it happened. The camera was sitting on the car seat, no one sitting on it, not dropped, not smashed… but still broken. I’ve got to search out a tiny screwdriver to try to switch the screens from my drowned camera to the recently broken camera. Chris suggests that I not buy this same camera again. I do like the photos it takes, but I think I agree with him. I want a camera that can handle being in a bag on a chair!

On another note, I’ve never been to Gettysburg before. We drove on the auto tour… very historic. Lots of monuments, lots of tour buses. Beautiful weather. Over all, quite a lovely trip. Minus the broken camera, of course.

flowers all around the visitors center

flowers all around the visitor's center

look over there!

look over there!

were on a castle! (or a monument, whatever)

we're on a castle! (or a monument, whatever)