hand beaded veil

An off-white veil with sparkly beads… yeah, that doesn’t photograph very well. I got one funny shot of it on a monkey toy, but it isn’t really good enough to post. Plus, I think Jen wants me to keep in under wraps, since its part of the whole secret-bridal-outfit thing. So here’s a bit of the edge, not really a good shot, though. I can’t wait to show it to Jen….

Brown yarn… yeah, its great looking in real life, but doesn’t really come across well on camera, either. Just looks like a pile of hair. (ewww…) I spun so much! Its the most of one kind of yarn I’ve ever spun. I’m thinking I might try making it into a super bulky yarn by plying it with some commercial yarn or thread or something….  I don’t have a project in mind yet, but spinning it up brings me one step closer to my use-up-what-I-have crafting goal.

so much yarn!

Also, finished the lettering on Chris’s scarf over the weekend, now to knit away at the main part. I’m dying to finish it…. I really want to get started on some projects from the Alabama Studio Style book I got in the mail last week, but I want to start on a fresh slate, which means no UFOs hanging around.


green yarn (in the garden)
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Here’s the yarn I spun up a few nights ago… its currently drying in the kitchen. I can’t wait to knit it into my blanket. Its a really pretty green color (a bit darker than this photo). I’m working at spinning up all the roving currently sitting in my room, it takes up much space, and I really should use what I have before getting more… This is a pretty thick yarn, but mostly the same weight all over, which I’m proud of. I’ll have to knit it big and loopy…..

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The Amy Butler bag is perfect for carrying my blanket! Its getting bigger and bigger…. I’ve started knitting directly onto the blanket instead of making squares and attaching them later. I’m still trying to get a good shot of the whole thing (and a better shot of the bag in action, perhaps down at Ultimo…) so I’ll post more pictures soon. I’m proud of all the hand spun I’ve been incorporating. (That blue and white bit poking out is hand spun, as is the variegated blue towards the bottom edge of the bag). I rarely have enough attention span to spin a whole bunch of yarn, so this gives me a great way to use up the odd ends. Perhaps I’ll set the yarn I spun a few days ago and add it in, its nice squishy merino, various shades of greens and blues (roving from Alexis, she gave it to me with my drop spindle). I also have some brown spun up (from roving that Tina gave me), but I have more roving of the same color, so I might add onto it. Its on a shorter drop spindle thats a little slippery, but its my first true solid color yarn, and I really should finish it!

iced tea at mugshots

iced tea at mugshots

Tuesdays are the best days. I head over to mugshots after work to relax before dance class. If I get out early enough, I get to curl up with a book and some tea and completely unwind. This week the weather was unbelievable. I stalked the outside tables, and as soon as I saw something open up, grabbed my bag and snagged the seat. Some icelandic music on my headphones, a mystery novel (Icelander… not the cause of the music, though) sent to me from my sister. Soon my dance friends show up and we work on our latest costuming and chat about the week, the troupe, anything. Then one of us catches the time, and we head off to class….

Wednesday this week wasn’t too bad either… I got my dance skirt in the mail this morning! Its wonderful and light and spins out amazingly. I can’t wait to dance in it!

dance skirt

dance skirt

I’ll post some photos of the spinning I’ve been doing after dinner gets thrown in the oven. Finally getting to the beautiful roving Tina gave me. Nice and soft, lovely colors.  In the meantime, hop over here to check out the site I threw together for my dance troupe Rag Tag Tribal. Its still under construction, but coming along nicely I think. So far I’m the only one contributing, hopefully some of the other lovely ladies will post every now and then. I’d like to put up a photo gallery, but I’m not sure how to do that on the free wordpress… ah well, I’m sure I can figure a way.

Here are some spinning shots, and one of the dinner thats finally in the oven…. yum.

This ones going to be a present...


So, I’ve made my first foray into the fabulous fiberous world of spinning! Of course, I still haven’t figured out how to keep the whole thing from unspinning when I’m tired of it, so I just knit right off of the spindle.

Ok, so from some online searching, I’ve realized that you are supposed to wash your yarn after you spin it to set the twist… yeah, but I’m not that patient today. The above swatch (taken with my compy camera… still haven’t replaced my sunken one) was the second one I made. Thinner yarn, mostly. But see how the right hand side is loose? Thats cause I don’t know how to make the end of my yarn all nice and tightly twisted. Still… not too bad for my first try, I think.

Any tips are more than welcome, if anyone reading this knows how to spin…