I’m in the process of making a fringe belt to make dance more fun for my sister. I forgot how awkward the movements can feel if you aren’t used to them, and how in the beginning you always feel like you are doing everything all wrong, all knees and elbows with no grace. I am so lucky that i have the amazing girls of Rag Tag here in Philadelphia. Even when I started dance, I had Alison as a dance buddy. My hope is that when the other girls in class see Alexis’ awesome belt they’ll warm up to her and she’ll find a buddy in the class. Its hard to be her dance friend when I’m across the country.


Tim’s scarf
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I finished Tim’s scarf this weekend. Of course, right at the end of scarf season… yeah, it was about 65 this weekend. But at least scarfs don’t go bad. I was going to try my hand at intarsia, but ended up taking the simpler duplicate stitch route. Its a really soft suri alpaca and merino wool blend… a nice light knit.

On a serious note, my co-worker had his first baby, Weston Atticus, over the weekend. (This is the baby I made the little knit lobster for. He also got the soft little snail I made). There were some complications, and little Weston is in NICU over at CHOP. They’re one of the best children’s hospitals in the country, but its still rather scary. Please send prayers/thoughts/positive energy towards the new family… they are great people, and I’m sure this is a very difficult and scary time.

flowers from a client at work

Today a client gave me flowers… and I made a grenade!

A present... will be shipped off this weekend. Stuffed with orange fabric, for fire-like effect

A present... will be shipped off this weekend. Stuffed with orange fabric, for fire-like effect


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The lobster I made for my co-worker’s baby-to-be, Weston Atticus. (Second name suggested by the name of Chris’s nephew, Atticus James) The room looks great, and I’m proud to say the lobster was the first toy given to Weston. When I put my mind to it, I’m a rather quick knitter! I made it from yarn from the south Philly LYS… there weren’t tons of great options, but I really like that the toy was made from yarn bought a few blocks from their house. I think I’ve written about the lobster before, but thought I’d link to a picture of it in its nice shiny new home.

Last weekend I made a lobster based on this pattern (Dirigo) for Mickey and Diana’s baby. Turns out it was the first baby toy they’ve gotten so far… awesome.

The pattern was much easier than I thought it would be, and the whole thing took less than a day. I got the yarn at the yarn shop on Passyunk… keeping it local. (thought it would be kinda cool for a baby toy to be made from yarn bought a few blocks away from thier house)

All in all, I’d say it was a successful present!

Finished the little shoes for Dulcinea yesterday. I added elastic instead of yarn for the button clasp, since I don’t know the size of baby ankles and wanted it to be as secure an comfortable as possible. I used a nice soft cotton that I got at my favorite yarn store. I had ordered yarn on Etsy, and intended on making them two colors, but one of them never came (my one negative experience so far with that site) and the other was a bit rougher than I wanted for baby booties, so I was forced to improvise. I hope the baby actually wears them, I think they’ll make great fall slippers. I used the saartjes bootees pattern from ravelry.