Plant of mysterious origins

Plant of mysterious origins

Though, this time its with a positive, albeit confusing, twist. As I brought my bike out this morning, I noticed some freshly dug soil. I thought a cat had been in the pot, so started to survey the damage. Instead of a dead dug-up marigold, I found this plant. I’m more confused than ever. I can’t say with absolute certainty how many days the plant has been there, but it couldn’t have been long. Its been raining, so I haven’t had to water the pot, but I tend to notice turned soil. It is the same color as the marigolds, so sort of blends with a glance, but still.. its been there a day or two, tops.

At least this time the saga has a positive twist- though why there’s some altruistic plant-giver, I’m not sure. Maybe someone has a crush on my flowers?


I wish I had more time in the morning to sit and enjoy the sun. But when I (rarely) wake early, I just end up heading into the office early, impatient to get to the end of the day.

I’ve been contemplating cities. I’ve always liked the idea of roots, but this lovely little plant has none and seems to be fine. I have too much Stuff to be truly portable, and the idea of a move is just dreadful. South where its hot all the time? North where its cold? The middle of the country where its land locked and distant? West where its expensive? When faced with too many questions I end up hunkering in, which isn’t very productive. Perhaps a good spring cleaning will help me clear my head.

Broken Dahlia

The same plant yesterday

I just don’t understand people. I got home from my dance class tonight to find a broken plant. The smaller one was untouched, but my large dahlia was broken off right at the dirt. It doesn’t look like an animal, the surrounding dirt is untouched. Would the children on the street really do such a thing? Last year one of my small pots was stolen, the (dying) marigold that was in it torn out, and left on the sidewalk. I just don’t get it.

Will the plant grow back? Or should I plant a new bulb? And will this just happen again? I’m really sad about this. It just isn’t right.

Group shot!
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Everything came together for quite a show on Friday. Of course, I was nervous as anything (which I definitely need to work on) but I tried not to show it too much. It feels good to have the performance behind me, its been a little stressful preparing for it. But I think the work we put into it paid off, we got lots of compliments. It was a very late night though, so all Saturday I was rather exhausted. Breakfast at Carman’s Country Kitchen was a great way to start out the day. Later, sushi with John (it was a bit of a weekend of decadence), and some drinks over at Charlie’s. A late night led to a late start on Sunday, but some sewing with Michelle and a trip to Terrain with Cheslea made it a full day anyway.
Terrain is amazing. Such great displays! The place is full of very inspiring plants and decor. I could spend hours and hours there. I need a plan for my garden before I go back, so that I don’t get too distracted. I did buy something though- a new plant for my hippo, since I managed to kill the last one, unfortunately. I hope I can keep this one alive, its pretty cool looking. I think I’ll pot it tomorrow, too exhausted to do anything else tonight.

Nice to settle in to pizza and a movie after such a full weekend. I still have quite a few projects on my plate though, so I’m not completely off the hook. A window blanket, some way-over-belated mitts for a friend, more work on my blanket, KK’s documentary… I’m sure I have other things thrown in there, too, that I can’t remember right now. But at least there isn’t a real deadline for any of it, so I can take my time, for now.

Beautiful benches and table at Terrain

sushi from Kisso, the best

sushi from Kisso, the best