My grandfather recently moved to an assisted living home. He has Alzheimer’s, and it has been very distressing for everyone. One of the hardest things has been his focusing on questions like “What about the house?”  No matter how many times we explain the answers, he soon forgets them and gets worried all over again. To try to help with this, we made a book for him with all the answers to his distressing questions. I thought it might be a good idea to slip some family photo pages in there- perhaps they will catch his eye for long enough that he will be distracted away from his anxiety, and remember that he has a whole family who loves him very much, and that everything will be okay. My fear is that it will be even more distressing, that we are not there, or that he is not in his house, or that he doesn’t remember who the people in the photos are. I’ve tried to group the photos by generation, since the Carters all look very similar… the family photos can be confusing for people without Alzheimer’s! It was fun going through the photos, but unfortunately I don’t have nearly enough to cover the whole clan. I sent out an email to the family, hopefully they’ll create some compiles of their own, or send some other photos along so the whole family is represented. Here’s one of the pages….


Part of the Carter Clan





Took ages to get the scanner and my computer working together properly (thus why I wanted the digital archive cd…) and of course Rite-Aid did a terrible job developing the photos, so I didn’t have much to work with. But at the end of the day: beach photos!

Having fun in the sand and waves

The photos are on flickr here. I didn’t scan all the photos, just the fun ones. Its probably the only time I’ll make it to the beach this summer, so I made the most of it. Miserably hot, though. Guess that’s what the waves are for! Despite all the trouble with Rite-Aid, I’m still going to hang on to the little waterproof camera. I stand by my previous statement- best 50 cents ever.



Frighteningly accurate cartoon by Mickey....

Email exchange with corporate after the jump.


Rag Tag at Spring Caravan, photo by Safiradance

Rag Tag at Spring Caravan, photo by Safiradance

Still haven’t gotten the CD with our ‘official’ photos, but a friend Laura made (Karen, aka Safiradance) took a bunch of us while performing. Jes is hiding behind me in this one…. formation, ladies! We’re settling in to practice every thursday which should be great for us… some time to focus on technique and dancing together as a cohesive unit.
It was such a great weekend, but it is nice not to have the pressure of a looming performance for a while.

I’ll post some photos of the spinning I’ve been doing after dinner gets thrown in the oven. Finally getting to the beautiful roving Tina gave me. Nice and soft, lovely colors.  In the meantime, hop over here to check out the site I threw together for my dance troupe Rag Tag Tribal. Its still under construction, but coming along nicely I think. So far I’m the only one contributing, hopefully some of the other lovely ladies will post every now and then. I’d like to put up a photo gallery, but I’m not sure how to do that on the free wordpress… ah well, I’m sure I can figure a way.

Here are some spinning shots, and one of the dinner thats finally in the oven…. yum.

This ones going to be a present...


This week I will be participating in Curious Bird‘s color week. I’ll post pictures themed around the colors she has picked. I’m not sure what the other participants are doing, but my plan right now is to take the photos throughout the day and then post the best three when I get home after work. So if you check back here around 7ish (EST) you should see some nice bright new photos. Curious Bird has links up on her site for the rest of the participants, I recommend checking them out, too!