It’s official. I’m in love with chickpea flour. The stuff is awesome. Also called Besan, or Gram flour, I get mine from the wonderful (Haven’t heard of GO THERE NOW. Seriously, if I got some kind of kickback for everyone I refereed there, and who subsequently got just as addicted to their site as I have, I’d be rocking right now. I don’t get anything. I just LOVE them. Try their spicy black bean sticks. Or one of their many trail mix blends. The dried strawberries! The unsulphered, less sugar pineapple! I could go on for ages….)

I originally bought my chickpea flour to make an Indian flatbread. I never got to it. Instead I made some chickpea cookies to use up the flour. They were… odd. An interesting texture, but hard to tell when they were done and a little bland. I wasn’t sold on the magic of chickpea flour yet. I still had flour left though, and came across a recipe for chickpea flour pancakes on Oh She Glows. It sounded amazing. But I couldn’t get it to work. No matter what, the pancakes I made ended up a combination of not fully cooked with crispy and stuck to the pan. I couldn’t get a single one to flip properly. The parts that I salvaged? They were great. I looked up other recipes, tried different pans… nothing worked. UNTIL NOW! I recently picked up the cook book Teff Love. I was looking for some info on the author and came across her website- and a whole section devoted to Pudla! (Plus a great tip I’d never tried to use an onion to help season a cast iron pan.) The Pudla was thicker than my previous attempts. I was patient and let it sit long enough to cook. It flipped beautifully. At last! Crisp crunchy outside, savory inside. Alas, I have no photos, I inhaled the thing super fast and didn’t even think to take one.


Butecha from Teff Love

Chickpea flour doesn’t just make amazing savory breakfasts though. While at our favorite drinking spot getting to know the locals, Chris and I ended up chatting with Rob, a chef/owner of a few local restaurants. We talked about being vegetarian in a very meat-heavy neighborhood, and he asked if we’d ever tried Burmese Tofu. What now? THIS STUFF IS MADE FROM CHICKPEAS! Soy free ‘tofu’? Sign me up. With my huge bag of flour taunting me in the pantry, it was only a matter of time till I tried to make some myself. I had a few recipes bookmarked, but sort of forgot about it for a while. Then my Teff Love cookbook showed up in the mail… included inside, a recipe not only for a quick chickpea tofu, but also some suggestions of what to do with the stuff. I bookmarked the Butecha and grabbed my chickpea flour. Making the stuff was fascinating. Stirring over a low heat, the watery powdery mixture of chickpea flour, water and spices hits a point where it just solidifies, like a custard.  I may have overcooked mine before spreading it out in a pan to solidify, it wasn’t ‘light and pillowy’ like some of the recipes suggest, but it sure was interesting. Solid and bright yellow. I diced it up and stirred in a mixture of oil, onion, salt, garlic, jalapeno and lemon. I’M SOLD. Mashed up on some toast? Delicious. In a wrap with diced cucumber, tomato, pickle and sirracha? Yum. (Ok, the pickle may have been overkill, but whatever, it was delicious.)