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My first sweater!!! I’m making the buttony sweater from Oh My Stars, inspired by the lovely miss PocketT’s various versions. Aunt Anna gave me the yarn… I have nine balls of lovely blue green alpaca. I don’t know if it will be enough for the sweater, but if it isn’t I’ll buy something that will look good with it for the bottom of the body and sleeves. I need to buy some #10 dpns for the sleeves (I’m using the interconectable circular set for the body, but I’m not sure the best way to use a circular for a small circle… dpns are easier to keep the tension even for me.) The color isn’t quite right on this photo, the sweater is much greener. My oh my, it will be warm! I also got some jars of buttons from Aunt Anna, so hopefully I can find a bunch in there that are the right size for the sweater. I think its going well… I can’t stop working on it!


When I moved to the new place, I found out that I had a ton more roving than I thought. A nice bright bag filled with odds and ends from my Mom’s neighbor… really fun to spin from wool that I saw on the sheep! Its interesting spinning from wool that is just in bunches.

a blurry photo of my latest spinning.... once my new camera gets here, Ill be able to post real photos again (yay!)

a blurry photo of my latest spinning.... once my new camera gets here, I'll be able to post real photos again (yay!)

The yarn ends up with a much more varied texture. I don’t know if its cause I’m new to spinning and didn’t draft it out properly, or if thats pretty standard for bunchy wool. Some of it is a little sticky, which is really great for adding other colors. I’m going to set the spin and see what its like after its washed a little bit. While I wait for it to dry, I think I’ll finally tackle my room. I’ve got craft stuff all over the place, and its about time I clean up. Its funny, now that I’m spinning and knitting more, I really find it hard to motivate myself to go upstairs and clean, I just don’t spend any time in my room. Its become sort of a disaster zone, so yeah, its about time….

Yup yup. I’m addicted. Spinning is great!

While looking for my WIP scarf that I started ages and ages ago on the train to Boston, I came across a lovely stash of fiber. A bag full of wool! And what lovely colors. Here I have to mention that the lovely miss Tina has been a huge fiber inspiration… and the stash includes some wool that I’m pretty sure she gave me… wheeee!! Some blue and purple stuff, as well as wool left over from the Pennsic wool dread extentions. (I really should find some photos of that…)

So I did find the scarf, but the wool was too tempting to let go, so the scarf has sat to the side. On to my fourth episode of Dr. Who (yay!) and done with the spinning for now, but how productive!

Pennsic wool, all spun up

Pennsic wool, all spun up

I think I may try setting this yarn… but I’m going to do a little more research first. One site said soapy water, the other said soapy water as well as a vinegar wash… either way I’m not up to it tonight, but tomorrow… oh yeah, some finished yarn.

So, I’ve made my first foray into the fabulous fiberous world of spinning! Of course, I still haven’t figured out how to keep the whole thing from unspinning when I’m tired of it, so I just knit right off of the spindle.

Ok, so from some online searching, I’ve realized that you are supposed to wash your yarn after you spin it to set the twist… yeah, but I’m not that patient today. The above swatch (taken with my compy camera… still haven’t replaced my sunken one) was the second one I made. Thinner yarn, mostly. But see how the right hand side is loose? Thats cause I don’t know how to make the end of my yarn all nice and tightly twisted. Still… not too bad for my first try, I think.

Any tips are more than welcome, if anyone reading this knows how to spin…