Last year Halloween was a bust. I rushed home from work to dress up for our trick-or-treaters and sat around waiting. And waiting. And waiting. We didn’t get a single doorbell ring. I even had a carved pumpkin glowing outside to show my Halloween friendliness! This year I didn’t even bother with trick-or-treaters. We had circus class, so wouldn’t be home anyway. Yet somehow, I managed to wear three costumes over the course of Halloween celebration. I finally made myself a Princess Leia on Endor costume.


I should have spray painted the blaster black…

The costume itself is pretty simple- I bought some blue pants, sewed a yellow stripe up the side and bought a tan button up that I altered (cut the sleeves in half and used the extra to make pockets). I tried to make a costume-appropriate vest, but ended up grabbing something from one of the cheap clothing stores in town. Wore the costume out to a party, barely anyone got it. What a drag. I even braided my hair over my head, but I guess it wasn’t enough of the look. Oh well. On actual halloween, the lizard dress made another appearance.

Halloween Handstands

I was getting work done at home, but wore it around all day, and to a brief jaunt to the coffee shop. Low stress costuming is the way to go! Then last night my fire troupe had a performance, and what better theme than Day of the Dead? We all looked different but there were enough thematic similarities that it all pulled together. The Halloween weekend isn’t over yet, but I don’t anticipate much costuming ahead.Instead I’m going to take a crack at some vegan baking with an interesting pumpkin bread recipe I found… we shall see.

Day of The Dead

Day of The Dead


I ain’t ‘fraid of no ghosts!

So, I dressed up for our trick-or-treaters this year, re-using an old Ghostbuster’s costume. The costume is pretty simple, just a jumpsuit with a patch. The best part is my photon pack- its a little kid backpack spray painted black with a larger patch, great for a costume cause it works to store the jumpsuit and doubles as a bag to hold your wallet and halloween candy when you’re in costume. I’ve also got a water gun spray painted black with some sash cord looped into the pack. I wasn’t expecting a ton of kids, I think they mostly flock over to the nicer side of Broad. But we usually get a few, some of the kids on our block anyway. I rushed home, got changes as soon as I got in the door…. and waited. I don’t know if it was because of the hurricane or just because we have less trick-or-treat age kids, but we didn’t get a single knock on the door. I even turned on the pumpkin lights I had strung up in the window as a sign of festivity. When Chris got home he just laughed. Then he put on a cowboy outfit and suggested we head out to the local bar. Even the bar wasn’t very festive. Oh well. At least some guys in a car yelled out “Who you gonna call??” as we walked home. Glad someone was in the Halloween spirit!

This weekend was Halloween. So obviously it was an awesome weekend. But surprisingly, the awesomeness wasn’t really costume/halloween related. Chris heard on NPR about an event at the PMA- a re-creation of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Turin event of 1967- rolling a giant ball of newspaper around the city. Since we’re both members and don’t take advantage of it nearly enough, we went to check it out. Pretty rad!

The kids at the event sort of took over the ball-rolling (and what adult is going to tromp over a kid to roll a ball?) so we didn’t participate in that part, but walked with the horde for a while. Beautiful weather, a fun artsy crowd, and kids rolling a giant ball- whats not to like? We also got to see a members-only preview of the gallery show. Finally, the PMA is featuring an artist who is actually relevant and alive! The show was cool, and seeing it without the mass amounts of people that the special exhibits tend to get was pretty great. A lot of his work has to do with reflective surfaces, so it was cool to see the art reflecting the room, not a huge crowd- added a good element of space to the pieces, rather than claustrophobia.

chicken chili and cornbread

Then, since it is fall after all, we made a batch of chili- our first attempt. Pretty much bastardized this recipe. We added three kinds of beans, corn and chicken sausage. And I have to say, for our first chili attempt, not too bad. I made some cornbread too, that turned out pretty awesome. The perfect amount of sweet. Overall, I’m rather pleased with our culinary excursion.

lizard awesomeness

Oh, and it was Halloween! I re-used my lizard/dragon/dinosaur dress from last year. It never got a very good run, so I thought it was worth it. I added some lizard-y make-up and was set. Chris did his George Michael/mistaken-for-prolifer costume again. Seriously, not enough people are familiar with 80’s pop icons. He had the cross earring and everything. Come on, its WHAM! (You can’t see in the photo, but he had short white shorts and white sneakers, too.) I really don’t get why anyone ever buys a costume… making them is so much better! We went to Rob’s house, where I knew almost no one (and the people I did sort of know where wearing costumes, so difficult to recognize) but was fun anyway. He’s got a good group of halloween-enthusiastic friends- the best kind for a costume party!

George Michael with a lizard

George Michael with a lizard

And for Sunday, a good chili and eggs breakfast and some lazing about the house. So far (its about 8:45 pm) we haven’t had a single trick-or-treater…. so I’m glad I didn’t buy extra candy. I never got around to carving my pumpkin, so I’ll have to figure out something to do with it. A good pumpkin soup perhaps? MMmmmm…. any recipe suggestions?

slightly rotting pumpkin

lizard dance!


Happy Halloween!

Its still a work in progress, but at least it has spikes now! (**Here’s a post with a photo of the finished costume**)





For some reason I decided to be a lizard for halloween this year. When looking for ideas, I saw this great lizard costume on flickr- its super cute and I figured I could definitely make something like it. First, for the fabric… I tried ordering some stretch jersey fabric online, but it didn’t really work out. The green was way too bright, thin and spandexey. The yellow was dull and fuzzy… not quite what I wanted, but at least workable. Last year I bought a green dress from American Apparel for my Jean Grey costume, and realized it would be perfect to alter to the lizard. And this year, it was on sale! I got two, one for the main body, the other to make a hood and tail. A trip to Jomar (very strange store, I like it!) and I got green and yellow thread, as well as a whole bunch of shoulder pads for the spikes.

I wanted to make a tutorial about making it, but I really only photographed the spike part. The hood was rather complicated, and I was too wrapped up in figuring it out to take any good shots. A bit of a how-to for the spikes after the jump…


jean grey, pre halloween

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my costume, minus the gloves. You can’t see the boots in this shot, but they really make the whole thing. I couldn’t find yellow gloves at any of the halloween stores in Philly. If I had really thought about it, I would have ordered them online, but instead I tried Rit dye. Which doesn’t work on polyester. So I bought some spray paint. Which means the gloves reek… and are a bit stiff. But they’re yellow and thats what counts. I’m pleased with the way the whole costume pulled together. Hopefully I’ll get a better picture of the whole thing. And yes. I will wear it to work tomorrow. Cause halloween is AWESOME.