“Dear film maker,

we are happy to announce that your film has been preselected for the CHINH INDIA KIDS FILM FESTIVAL 2008. Details on www.chinh.in

The CHINH INDIA KIDS JURY will announce the awards on 7th August 2008.

If you want to attend the CHINH INDIA FORUM 2008, please register at www.chinh.in

With best regards,

Sakshi Gulati and Johannes Dahmen – CHINH INDIA Festival Directors”

I’m not sure what ‘pre-selected’ means… but the “Pig and The Tree” continues its international screenings!

The Pig and The Tree


“The Pig and The Tree” will be showing at another festival! The 5th Annual San Diego International Children’s Film Festival. (The site will be updated with the new line up soon). If you’re in the San Diego area, the film will screen at 11:45 AM Saturday Aug. 9th, at the Museum of Photographic Arts in Balboa Park.

Shadow play on set

My film is included in the tour of Little Big Shots. It will be screened at the Sydney Opera House!! I wonder if this also means it will be going to Singapore?

Yeah, so I just googled myself. and what did I come across but this page : “http://www.chinh.in/festival2008/pre-school%20films.html” so apparently, my film was accepted…. maybe? None of the links on the page work, and I never got any notification. Although, according to the deadline, I they have until June 30th to notify me. So maybe the site is still being worked on, and I just stumbled on it. Does that happen??