Tonight I bought a car. Ate some sushi. Drank some Squall. Made some cornbread. Watched some hockey. And am about to start knitting to get this sweater for Alexis finished. I am happy about all of it except for the car part. Ugh. I pick it up tomorrow. The sales lady kept trying to tell me I could take it home tonight. Right. Like I really wanted the first time driving my car to be in rush hour traffic on trolley tracks. No way lady. Picking it up tomorrow at 10:30. I got really great financing, put a good amount down, the whole transaction was pretty fiscally responsible. Apparently I have great credit. Woohoo.


Chris and I went out to Kisso after the car dealer, I needed a cheer up. (Kisso never fails for that) My dune-reading-friend-from-work showed up after we’d been there for a bit, but he sat across the room with his lady friend, with his back to me. We’d talked about places to go in town, and I knew we’d run into each other sometime, but there wasn’t really a good way to casually say “Hi”. Oh well. Hope he enjoyed it.

snail necklace

Last weekend I swung by the craft store, braved the horrid fake-flower-stench and picked up some jewelry making supplies. I’ve had a great pirate-coin necklace from my dad that needed a chain, and was inspired by this photo (I have coins, too! I could wear that to work! Yay, I have personality, I Am Not A Drone!) to re-make a necklace that Colleen gave me… it had a great center piece of a fossilized snail, but the rest of it was a bit short and always caught on my hair (the reason she gave it to me in the first place. She has super awesome curly hair, and it really didn’t mix with the necklace). The one problem is that it is tough to take a good photo of (a) a necklace I am wearing and (b) black beads. Oh well.

So now off to knit, and to pick up my car tomorrow, and to meet up with Gaeson & Megan and deliver baby booties to their son Gaston (hopefully he isn’t too big for them already!), get dinner with Chris’ parents, drinks with my cousin and get used to driving and parking in the city… deep breaths, deep breaths.


The rehearsal over the weekend brought up an issue I hadn’t thought of: foot protection. The basketball courts that we were practicing was ridiculously hot, as well as rough and slightly dangerous. I did the rehearsal in my sandals, but for the actual show, I don’t think that would work very well. Of course, since I didn’t think about it till a few days ago, not enough time to order something online, and I definitely don’t have enough time to swing by some dance store. Craftiness to the rescue! I had a bunch of leather left over from the “Widow Svedtka’s Black Heart Memorial” costume, so thought I could make some little footsie things. I looked up a few online, and then made my best estimation of it. Leather pads for the balls of my feet, two criss-crossing leather straps, and (the stroke of genius!) a hair tie around the middle of my foot to keep the whole thing on. I originally wanted to do some sort of adjustable leather strap, but had to tie my hair back mid-process, and lightning struck. I have yet to dance in them, but I think they’ll be okay for at least one show. Always fun when I can use some left-overs to make something useful!
A long slightly-lazy Sunday hanging out with friends… the best kind. First off, a stop at the ‘freaky flea-market’… which wasn’t to freaky or too much of a flea-market, as far as I know flea-markets. More, a rockabilly guy trying to pawn off his accumulation of various collections. But Chris got a good small-parts drawer case to use for cable adapters, and I scored these totally rad robot christmas lights. They’re definitely cheap and some of the robots are too big for the lights, some of the lights way too big for even the too-large robots… but its okay, they rock anyway. Then brunch at the Abbaye (good food!) and on to some craftiness…. mostly making a mesh helmet/hair base for a giant ogre! I can’t wait to see how it turns out, the pieces are pretty exciting. And I finally fixed my mittens! Its getting rather chilly out and I thought it was about time to take care of them. Now my hands will be nice and toasty on the way into work tomorrow, yay!

I just bought a bunch of yarn from Nangellini for some Christmas presents…. yay!!! I just love this yarn. Its Ella Rae bamboo silk, and it is softer than anything. I even love balling this yarn up, its so soft and nice.


Also, I bought new glasses today and should have them around Wednesday. I’m pretty excited about them, even if they were a bit more expensive than I was hoping for. They’re a pretty classic looking frame, so should be good for day to day wear as well as comfy enough for knitting at night on the couch. Now off to ball some yarn, sew some soft circuits, sear some tuna and drink some wine. Yay for Saturday. (PS- its snowing. SNOWING!!! Ugly, cold, wet snow, but still…. winter has arrived! Guess I really should winterize my garden now.)

some beadwork, originally uploaded by ducksRfriends.

but instead I’m going to curl up and read…. I was feeling too disorganized to get anything done anyway. Pulled out some knitting, but couldn’t concentrate, then got some beads and fabric for a cuff… I have plans of LEDs and real switches, but it shall have to wait. Though I did order yarn for C’s scarf so at least I was a little bit productive. :-)

potatoes and fish

Its been a tasty weekend. I’ve been craving mashed potatoes, lately, ever since seeing Mickey’s leftover lunch last week. Threw some spices in with the potatoes, and paired them with flounder from Ippolito’s. It was a little bit of an odd combo, but rather tasty. Then again, I think mashed potatoes might be one of my favorite foods ever, so I don’t think I’d ever complain about a meal that includes a heaping serving. I’ve also been wanting to make pumpkin waffles, ever since reading this post on the Craft blog. My mom gave me a waffle maker a few months ago, so I figured it was a perfect time to try it out. Well, it didn’t really work, so they ended up as pancakes. I have a few left over, waiting for me to toast in the morning… mmmmmm. Other tasty things made but not photographed: tomato, cucumber and mozzarella salad (not as good as John’s from the fish fry, though), BBQ chicken with pumpkin sauce, grilled zucchini and some rather good Wisconsin cheese and crackers (with some of Jes’s AMAZING peach jam). Although we didn’t really make that last one, we got the cheese for watching the cats, so I suppose it was a little bit of work. :-)

It was a crafty weekend, too… with much work done on my costume for this Friday’s performance. Feathers everywhere! At least the cats aren’t here anymore to mess with my work, I think they’d make quick work of the wrapped hair sticks. I’m feeling much better about the performance after getting together with M. and working out the choreography. I think it will be quite a show. (Check out the info over on our Rag Tag site, in performances…) I’m also looking forward to helping M. out with her costumes for various projects she has coming up… its nice to be sewing someone-else’s project for a change, and not having to figure it all out on my own. Plus she’s a lovely host and I just love her amazing studio, even if it is a bit of a haul to get there. At least the bike ride is a good workout!

Crazy super downpour around 7pm tonight. The sky got all yellow and then just opened up. Philly needed a good wash, so this was a very welcome storm.

I got some work done on the turkish vest I’m making, cut out and pinned the liner, though I was feeling rather cranky about the whole thing. My mom helped pin it (I went to jersey to do my taxes, so got to spend some great time with her) and suggested I baste it and iron it… of course I knew she was right, but was feeling lazy so never ironed the thing. I bet I’ll regret it later.

I’m hoping to work some more on it tonight, and perhaps even start on my next fringe belt… (Alexis- still waiting on pictures of yours!) But first, some yoga, some dinner and then we’ll see how crafty I’m feeling.


Finished the vest. Still need to try it on with the coinbra WIP, but I think it will work for now.