Last year Halloween was a bust. I rushed home from work to dress up for our trick-or-treaters and sat around waiting. And waiting. And waiting. We didn’t get a single doorbell ring. I even had a carved pumpkin glowing outside to show my Halloween friendliness! This year I didn’t even bother with trick-or-treaters. We had circus class, so wouldn’t be home anyway. Yet somehow, I managed to wear three costumes over the course of Halloween celebration. I finally made myself a Princess Leia on Endor costume.


I should have spray painted the blaster black…

The costume itself is pretty simple- I bought some blue pants, sewed a yellow stripe up the side and bought a tan button up that I altered (cut the sleeves in half and used the extra to make pockets). I tried to make a costume-appropriate vest, but ended up grabbing something from one of the cheap clothing stores in town. Wore the costume out to a party, barely anyone got it. What a drag. I even braided my hair over my head, but I guess it wasn’t enough of the look. Oh well. On actual halloween, the lizard dress made another appearance.

Halloween Handstands

I was getting work done at home, but wore it around all day, and to a brief jaunt to the coffee shop. Low stress costuming is the way to go! Then last night my fire troupe had a performance, and what better theme than Day of the Dead? We all looked different but there were enough thematic similarities that it all pulled together. The Halloween weekend isn’t over yet, but I don’t anticipate much costuming ahead.Instead I’m going to take a crack at some vegan baking with an interesting pumpkin bread recipe I found… we shall see.

Day of The Dead

Day of The Dead


Archedream Ogre

Ok, so its not a great shot, but I didn’t bring my camera (not that its great in the first place) and I think the backlight probably does funny things to cameras anyway.

Actually, I think my favorite costumes were the unicorns. Michelle did a fantastic job on the corsets and the tails. Really cool looking. The main girl’s dress was pretty awesome, too. It had snaps that let it transform for different parts of the performance. I really liked how it worked well snapped or unsnapped, not to mention Michelle’s brilliant use of the pom-pom rickrack that I thought was pretty gross looking on its own. I hope that more (professional) photos are posted soon. Till then, you can check out the ArcheDream site to see some of their other work.  This performance is called “Inside Out” and is going to Taiwan in about 10 days.

The Girls From Byakkoya
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I think the flu is officially kicked, and Jes and I rocked out at the Hipnosis hafla. I’m really glad that we chose the song and costumes we did. It was so silly and fun! Eventually I’m sure I’ll post up the video, but till then… I have a few photos of our costumes posted over on flickr, but none really catch the petticoats or the hoods that really upped the cute-ness of our tops. It seems everyone is so serious at these performances, and we really wanted to just laugh and have a good time. What better than a fun song and some silly costumes to make people smile? I’m exhausted but happy, and I hope we brightened a few people’s evening.