We went back to Iceland! My twin sister and I decided that we didn’t want to spend our 30th birthday on the separate coasts that we live. We came up with various plans, but when it came down to it realized that we actually wanted to go back to Iceland and do it right this time. Not time our trip to the end of Airwaves, when the good citizens of Reykjavik have had more than their fill of tourists. Get out of the city and see more of the landscape. Interact with more people, avoid the paid tours and stay in a variety of places. We shuffled days and planned work absences and managed to get 8 glorious days driving around the ring road. Inspired by the rather fantastic tourism campaign Inspired By Iceland (and particularly this video) we thought it’d be fun to make a goofy video while we drove around the country.

We took a ton of photos, too. The whole album is up over on flickr, but here are a few of my favorites.


Michelle had what has to be the best birthday party I’ve ever been to last night. It was a trifecta of birthdays- Michelle, her roommate, and a friend of theirs from highschool. The big 3-0…. what better time to get a bunch of awesome people together and throw the best bash ever? She hosted it in the courtyard outside of her warehouse space. A borrowed stage, lots of strategically placed lights, a giant grill (made by Tim) created out of a steel barrel, food, booze, cake- really everything you could ever want.
Performances started at 9, and included a band, a burlesque show, two tribal troupes (one being me, Jes and Michelle, the other was Hipnosis), a hooper and three vignettes by the awesome Archedream. Then the DJ took over, and the fire spinners came out. The lovely ladies from Scorch and their fire-friends came and left the crowd to pick up their jaws… great performances. These two guys are my favorite fire breathers. I saw them at PEX, and that spiraling-up-passing-fire-along act is phenomenal.
Once again, I didn’t take any photos myself. I really need to figure out a good way to carry a camera at these events. Tribal gear just doesn’t leave many options for camera cases. I’ll have to get something though- I wish I had gotten a shot or two of archedream. Guess I’ll just have to find another awesome party to go to and get some shots!