Was it really Halloween season last time I posted? I don’t even know what happened. Well, that isn’t strictly true. The huge thing was uprooting and moving from Philadelphia to the great big NYC. Moving is such upheaval. Downsizing from a two floor, full basement and small backyard house to a two bedroom railroad in Brooklyn is an adjustment. Starting a new job (for Chris) and working to find new clients (for me) means all regular routines go out the wayside. Downtime means crashing on the couch. Work during the day is a balancing act of trying to get paid work finished and fighting with landlords and construction companies. (Who tries to bully someone into having a radiator installed??) I’ve hit some low points, enjoyed some parts, and am ready to move along. So. New start. Hello Brooklyn. Winter is over. We may have a few cold days ahead, and maybe even some more sprinkling of snow to come, but in the main- its done. Spring and time for new adventures.

That isn’t to say the winter hasn’t had some fun bits. We actually performed quite a bit for what terrible weather we had. We’re on track to have Lux Arati be a real business. We’re registered, working on contracts for all members, its in a good place. Of course now I’m two hours away from the business I helped start, but we’ll find a way to make it work. The ladies said I wasn’t leaving, I was expanding our territory. I’m going to work on that. Try to make it out to local spin-jams. Make some friends in this new city in this community I’ve found myself in. The world trundles on.

I’ll leave with this video that I put together for our group. It’s a short little bit highlighting the events our ladies performed at this fall/winter. Here’s hoping there is more fun in store.