Chris' Dad takes his stitches out after lunch and before the hockey game...

Chris’ Dad takes his stitches out after lunch and before the hockey game…

This has been a rather stressful few weeks. Chris got 9 stitches after a rough encounter with our shitty can opener and the subsequent can lid. There were some clerical errors that led to stress over at the Circus school. It is all fixed now, thanks to the managing director who called me directly to apologize for the way some of his staff handled the situation, but there was about a two week period where I thought I would no longer be able to take classes. Well, I could sign up for classes, but on principle of the way the whole thing was handled, both Chris and I were going to stop supporting the school. I’m very glad that Marc cleared everything up and classes can continue. As Chris pointed out- its a hobby. It shouldn’t be stressful. Challenging, sure. Push your body to the limits. But it should still be fun. Once that stops, it isn’t worth the money. (My man has a good head on his shoulders, what can I say?)

Super Sad FitFit

Super Sad FitFit. Yes, that is my bumper.

On top of that… my car was hit by a USPS truck driver. I won’t go into details since the “case” is still pending, but no one was hurt and my car no longer has a front bumper. So its in the shop. Did you know that the accident investigation division of the USPS is open from 3 PM to 10 PM? I sure didn’t. Really tough to get the whole process moving forward when by the time someone finally calls back, everything else has closed for the day. I ended up calling my insurance to have them help with the situation. They’ve been great. This is the second time I’ve dealt with Geico about an accident. The first was when I was doored on my bike a half block from my apartment a few years ago. I thought everyone was being nice because they didn’t want me to sue them. Nope. Turns out the Geico customer service people are just really awesome. Every person has tried to help as much as they can and to get the situation dealt with in the best way possible. I think their ad campaigns should axe the dumb Gecko and just have testimonials from people like me… I can’t be the only one who has had a great experience with them.

Not having a car has been terribly annoying. Of course I got booked for in-house editing.  I forgot how much Septa smells like a barn, particularly in the hot humid weather. Totally awful. I don’t save any money taking the train, and it takes twice as long. Of course I can bike around town for social things, but I usually do that anyway. I didn’t realize how much I count on my car in a professional setting. I know that people deal without having a car, and count on Septa for their transit. I did it for a long time. It was still awful then. But once I bit the bullet and bought a car… taking Septa sucks that much more.

So yeah, all this has made me very cranky. None of it was life threatening, pretty much all is being resolved (well, time will resolve the cuts, but they are healing well) but I just can’t shake the crankiness of it all. As we head into this three day weekend, I hope some sun shines and accidents stay away.