Lovely Luxie crew after our fire-alarm-setting show

The past few weeks have been upheaval. The long discussed transition for the smaller upstairs room from bedroom to office is underway. Stuff is everywhere. We’ve consolidated furniture, thrown out my old ikea dressers that I got as hand-me-downs (read: they’ve been held together with duct tape for years) and moved all the large furniture into the “master’ bedroom. I’m getting rid of stuff that I’ve held on to mostly because I had no idea I even still had it. All of this is good- but I wish our trash man came on Mondays because right now there are so many things queued up for the garbage and I hate having to walk around all of it.

The nice part of all of this is that the office is turning into a really nice place to work. Its the one room in the house that actually gets sunlight! Next weekend we’re going to peruse Ikea for a comfortable but affordable couch/chair that can work as a client space as well as a little reading area. Any suggestions for what to get are welcome!

Now the challenge will be that I need to figure out a good way to get all my costuming pieces under control. And my sweaters. Why do I have such bulky hobbies? Ugh. I’ve already completely filled on of the huge bins with yarn and roving. Seeing it all in one place is terrifying. I’m definitely not allowed to buy ANY WOOL until I make a serious dent in that stash. I’ve got some friends with babies coming up, so looks like they’ll be getting some monsters!

Oh, and about that photo up there… yeah, we set off the fire alarm at our recent gig. Oops! The event hall was literally attached to the fire department, but they said it was all fine… the alarm was a deep “wooooop wooooop” kind of thing, not a terrifying screeching, so if anything it just added more drama to our set. The whole thing was kind of hilarious. I’m keeping an eye on the event page for some photos, once I get them I’ll be putting up a post over on the Lux Arati site about the night.