Big Apple Circus, in Bridgewater

We went to the circus! Mom picked up three groupon circus tickets so I drove to NJ for a really fun circus date. We were joined by her friend Nancy, and the three of us had a fantastic time. The last time Mom and I went to the circus it was a very strange affair- we sat in the bleachers of some high school gymnasium and although neither of us could really remember the show, we have vague recollections of a sad trained monkey and some rather lack-luster performances. Honestly I think the whole thing was so disappointing and creepy that we’ve both blocked it out of our memories. What a delightful difference the Big Apple Circus was! As soon as we saw the big top tent and all the performers’ trailers, we knew we’d be in for at least a bigger show.

Our seats were great. We were at the top row, but happened to be seated right at the top of the stairs, so we had plenty of room to stretch out and no one blocking our views. When we were walking into our seats, Mom spotted the blinky flashy toys that kids were playing with and wanted to buy three of them. I talked her out of it, but once we sat down and she saw how fun they looked in the dark tent, she went back out and came back with one for each of us. I’m glad she did, they were ridiculously fun.

The show was great. A good trapeze act, an AMAZING contortionist and a really cool double aerial straps routine were my favorite acts. Its funny, I think that I am even more impressed with those kinds of acts now that I’m an adult then when I was a kid. Perhaps it is because now I know how much strength it takes. The performers make it look so easy! But I know from my aerial classes that it definitely is not. I have no idea how that contortionist bent her body that way… so amazing. If the Big Apple Circus is in town, check out groupon and get yourself tickets. You’ll have a great time!