I’ve been working on a documentary with my friend and colleague Karin Kelly for the past few years. The film has gone through many changes, and life has taken its course, but the one consistent has been that its tough to find time in our busy lives to devote full time attention to the project. Well, we want to change that. So we’re raising money on Indiegogo that will allow us to devote dedicated time and get this important story out there. The campaign ends Saturday, March 2nd, so please check it out!

What began as a film about a path to healthy management of OCD has turned into a study on the complex relationship between someone with a severe mental illness and the family and friends who support and love them.

We’re hoping that this film puts a very real, relatable face to the mental illness that 1 in 5 American families deal with every day.  Because it was filmed over a four-year period, it provides an in-depth examination of the challenges, frustrations, fears and heartache that ebb and flow in the world of mental illness.  More often than not the solutions do not come freely—if at all.  No one wants to watch a loved one suffer or experience the helplessness that usually permeates the road to recovering from mental health.  Saving Rick lifts the veil of guilt and blame and reminds families that you are not alone.

Please take a moment to check out our campaign. Support it if you can, share it with others if you think it is a valuable story. We’re scheduled to dive in next week, and I can’t wait.