Romanesco. And yes, it really is that color.

I have discovered the most amazing vegetable. It is called Romanesco and it looks like it belongs in a sci-fi move. Seriously weird. What an example of fractals in nature! Its like you’re eating a science experiment. I asked the lady what it was, and she described it as a mix between broccoli and cauliflower. I just couldn’t resist. It was so bright and so magical looking. The only downside? Its quite pungent. The whole car smelled like something had gotten out of the bag and been left in the sun. We’re storing it in a tightly sealed ziplock to prevent it from fumigating the fridge. But the taste? YUM! It has the solid texture of cauliflower but the taste of broccoli. We made some beans, couscous, baked tofu and a veggie stir-fry… and so good. I’ll definitely pick up more of this amazing beautiful vegetable.

stir-fried and delicious