Turkish vest back patch

I’ve been meaning to make more patches for a while. I made the original one pretty easily. I wanted the letters to be green, so used the inside part of the stencils. I’m pretty happy with how it came out. So were the rest of the girls. Cue- more patch requests! Its been on my to-do list, and the theme of this week is cross-off, cross-off. After some website coding this morning (sent out some cover letters with a link that changed when I updated my site… OOPS!) and some work emailing, off to make patches. Hours later… still making patches. So here’s the thing. The first patch was done with fresh stencils that lay quite nicely against the fabric. Not so much the second time around. I did two rounds of not-so-great results before I decided to cut the letters out of tape. Yup, cause I use my skills in the best way possible. Let me tell you, cutting some packing tape with kitchen scissors is probably not the most clever way to do this project. Perhaps contact paper? Or laminate stencils with some spray glue? Lately I’m all about using what is on hand, though, and I wanted to bring the patches with me to practice tonight.

An absurd amount of patches

So, stencils done, and I have at least one good patch for each girl, plus a few dodgy extras. Now, off to pick up some extra lamp oil before practice and to the b-ball courts I go!