Garden 2012

The garden has been started. I’m pretty pepper heavy again this year. They seem to be what we use most, grow rather well in the back and give me something to can at the end of the season. After last year’s debacle with mislabeled plants (and ending up with ALL hot peppers instead of the good variety I had planned) I thought it would be best to avoid the large lot garden stores. A weekend in Jersey provided the perfect opportunity to swing by Wellsweep Herb farm. Mom was looking for plants anyway, and it was a beautiful day out. I was only going to get one pepper, but I ended up buying one of each kind they had. Muscato, Jalapeno, Summer Sweet, Garden Salsa and Serano. Should be a good variety this year, and I trust them to be labeled properly. I also got a pineapple sage, with no real plan for it. My rosemary was still alive (!!) despite my lack of care of it, and of course the strawberry and mint won’t die. I pulled all the mint  and half of the strawberries out of the large planter and potted them in smaller pots to clear room for the peppers. I also picked up a thyme plant, lavender, basil and marigolds from the local garden shop, Urban Jungle. That fills out my available pots and planter.


My sempervivums are doing well, too. Wendy flowered last year, so she’s back to her short little self. I don’t remember if I planted regular ones with her. I assume I must have, otherwise half of Wendy lost her fuzz, and I don’t know how that would have happened.

garden strawberries

I’m still struggling with a few garden related things though… like how do I keep strawberries on the plant long enough to ripen, but not too long that bugs get to them? And most importantly, how do I keep the neighborhood cats from pooping in my garden? It is awful. It seems they think it is their own personal litter box. Not good for the plants, and sure stinks up the back yard. Any suggestions? I tried netting to keep them away, but it didn’t really work. I’ve also tried putting sharp sticks in the garden, but that had limited success. Is there something I can plant that would keep them away?