Wow, has it really been since March that I posted last? Yipes. I’d like to say I’ve been off doing amazing things, but that would mostly be untrue. Perhaps I’ll write up some retro-active posts covering some of the things that have happened in the gap… perhaps I’ll just let them slide to the way side.

Performing at Karnival

We had two performances recently. One was a sort of “dry run” for our PEX performance. It went a bit disastrously (stage tech-wise anyway), and our fans all burned out about halfway, but if you’d like to see some video of half the stage and me constantly messing up (I know, super tempting, right? Bah.) you can check that out here. Chris cut out the beginning minute and a half or so of us standing on stage waiting for the music to start. A comedy of errors, that one.

Last night we performed at the Rotunda… and it was super fun. Very casual, rather early in the night (yay!) and to live drummers. What’s not to love? We did a whole set, too, not just one song. I liked the set-up a lot. One of the audience grabbed some snippets of video, here’s the one of me and Michelle doing a duet. 

I’m going to try to post more often again. Perhaps once I stop losing 3-4 hours to driving every day I’ll find the energy and motivation again!