Well, that’s not really true, we ran errands all day. But I felt like being lazy, so does that count? Not without cause, though…. I didn’t get home until almost 4 am last night. Hello nap time……

Ferris Wheel in the rain

Friday was our performance at the PEX Heartburn party.  The party took over the Electric Factory, complete with a heated outside tent and Ferris wheel. Members of West Philadelphia Orchestra were there, playing in the hallways and outside, basically wherever they could fit.  There were some bagpipe players (with a drum) wandering around as well. They were pretty funny to watch on their breaks, lots of looking around and “How on earth did we end up here?” on their faces. Inside were a bunch of different themed areas, with DJs and aerialists and other general party happenings. The fire spinning area was outside, near the Ferris wheel, with a small open area to watch from inside the tent.

hiding from the rain, under the truck

Originally scheduled at 11, our performance slot got moved to 1:30 in the morning. The weather report didn’t look very good. Alternating between freezing rain and snow, yippee! Sure enough, it was raining the whole night. And very very cold. Our fuel dump area was underneath a big truck, and we had to be careful to make sure all the props stayed nice and dry-ish. The one good thing about the rain and cold? It turned everything into such confusion that the performance was completely low stress. Cause when everything is already going wrong, how bad could it possibly be? It was the first time I wasn’t shaky going “on stage”. Perhaps because there was not stage…. it felt just like our rehearsals, with a bit more hooting and clapping. And the fan bit that I’ve been crazy anxious about?? I didn’t drop them!! They were super hot, perhaps because of the humidity, but I still ran through the whole routine without freaking out. Yay! Tim got some video of it, so once he gives it to me I’ll be able to see how well I did with the actual choreography, but as far as the performance… felt pretty solid to me. Or, as solid as fire spinning in a wet parking lot in front of a huge truck in the freezing rain can be.

Aerialist in the main room