warmest sweater in the world

I was rummaging through the bottom of Chris’ closet trying to help him find his cowboy boots. The boots were later discovered in the bottom of a bag. But in the closet- Hello wooliness! Its huge, at least on me. Frankly, I think it would be too big on him, too. When I found it, he said “You’re totally going to steal that, aren’t you?” Which of course I took as permission. I’ve been wearing it all weekend, and feeling like quite the ski bunny. Its a lovely bulky knit. Grey base with a white and dark green snowflake pattern across the chest and upper arms. The tag says its from “C.C.H. Imports” 100% virgen wool (yes it is spelled that way) and despite the Nordic theme, it was “handknit with love in Ecuador.” Chris has no idea where he got it. Its definitely warm, but a little itchy and I keep finding little bits of straw to pull out. I love the snowflake, and took it on as another stranded-knit challenge. To the scrap bag!

stolen sweater snowflake

Using up the last of a green/brown variegated yarn I had, combined with the metallic Noro that Mom and I unraveled (from this VNA find, also used in this) seemed like a good plan. I ran out of the green just at the end of the pattern, without enough for the three row border. The Noro, despite its sparkle, blends in a little too well to the green for my liking. The snowflake is pretty hard to see. I think it will be okay in the craziness that is the blanket, though, so I’ll leave it. More scraps used up, more color work practicing. Not totally pleased with the results, but okay enough to move on.

Also, see how red my hair is in the top photo? Finally got around to mixing up some henna again. (Of course, the original plan for the weekend was originally to go see Jen’s new house and get dinner with Tom for his birthday, but snow and ice altered that, unfortunately.) Three packets of Rajasthani Twilight, two lemons and some tap-hot water. 5 hours later, the dye had released, the red was good to go. I put it in the fridge for later, and gooped up my hair after dinner. I’d made a double batch, so half went into the freezer. Its kind of an annoying process, but doesn’t stain the tub, lasts longer than regular dye and actually conditions my hair instead of completely damaging it like regular dye.