Playing with colors

Being out from under the weight of Alexis’ sweater is wonderful. Yeah, yeah, so I’ve still got another sweater on the needles. But its for me, so I can take as much time finishing it as possible. After some cleaning of the living room, I uncovered my “Knitting with Icelandic Wool” book…. attention span, gone. I’m still trying to figure out which pattern to make with the Lopi I got in Vik, but I realized I don’t really have much experience with stranded color work. (Of course, other than Chris’ scarf, which I pretty much made up, so I don’t know if that counts as “pattern following”.) So to swatching! And using up remnants! And making squares for my quilt! YAY!

Pink and Grey Totoro

The funny thing… I still haven’t really looked up the proper way to do stranded work. I keep the floats going along the back, wrapping them every 5 stitches or so for the longer passes. Until just now when I double checked how to spell “intarsia” I thought that was the technique I was using. (It isn’t. Apparently intarsia involves bobbins and no carried yarn…. sounds like a good old mess to me.) Of course, what with my reduced pattern attention span, it wasn’t long before I was hopping around on Ravelry looking for more things to make. A lovely little Totoro?? Why not! This guy is a little lumpy. Some longer patches for him, so longer to float the yarn, and more chances for the tension to get totally whacked. Of course it is cotton, so won’t really stretch out and even itself. Which got me thinking about how the floats have potential to get annoying in a blanket. I saw something recently about double knitting, so…… back to the internet! And a little over a movie later… a double knit snowflake in green and purple, another pattern from my Icelandic book.

Double Knit Snowflake

The colors are oddly more similar than I thought they’d be, and the pattern doesn’t stand out as much as I’d like. Turns out the purple has some green tones in it. Oops. I also made a few mistakes when following the chart, or when choosing which yarn should be front. Originally this was supposed to also be for the blanket, but I think it’ll end up as a trivet. As it’s two layers of knit, the end product turned out quite bulky.

So yeah, I’m sure I’ll get back to my sweater. For now though? The blanket is smaller than I thought, and I have a lot of small bits of yarn to use up………. small satisfying knits for the next week or so? Yes please.