Blocking the Larch

I’ve finally cast of and blocked the Larch sweater Alexis requested last year. Yup, the damn thing took me nearly a full year. While I could blame not taking the train anymore, it’s really just that the whole thing was garter stitch and BORING. Also, I wasn’t super happy with the bottom, and wasn’t terribly confident of it pulling together in the end, but a good pep talk from Mom over Christmas (and a reminder about the awesomeness of blocking) got me moving again. I hope it fits, I hope she likes it, but overall I’m just glad its over. I love the collar on it, but I think the sleeves are a bit too long… though it’s a thin fabric so having them kinda scrunchy isn’t really that bad. I’m not crazy about how the picked up stitches looks, and the bottom corners on the font are kinda odd… but I think the blocking might straighten some of that out. As much as the twisted rib was a pain, I think it creates a great feeling fabric.

cable-y awesomeness

So. Now that its off the needles…. free for other projects! I started a cable sweater for myself around the same time that I started Alexis’ sweater, but realized I’d never get both done at the same time in any sort of reasonable fashion, so banished it to the bottom of the knit bag. I pulled it out as soon as I set the Larch to block… but alas, no pattern. No idea where I put it. Of course. While looking for it, though, I uncovered just how much yarn I have stashed. Its frightening. So now I’m extra motivated to get going on this sweater so I can start another project with some of the beautiful wooly-ness just begging to be cast on. (I ended up finding the pattern again, thanks to Ravelry, and re-writing it to include my mods and make it easier to read…. that definitely helped me figure out where I left off the first go.)

Road trip yarn

Now the question… what to queue? I have some beautiful yarn. The Lopi from Iceland, destined to become a “traditional” Icelandic lopapeysa. Alpaca from the farm on Schooley’s Mountain that Tom gave me last year (planning on making a Betiko, but not sure…) and the beautiful fingering yarn I bought with no plan. Lovely purple with metallic silver woven in from Detroit, and a locally dyed teal from Nangellini, probably at least three-years-stashed.

I think the Betiko might be next on the needles, since I’ve been wanting to try it, and we still have some good cold weather ahead of us. Also, having two sweaters going at the same time doesn’t seem like a productive plan. I’m also considering frogging my Goodale… I never wear it. It hangs kind of awkwardly, and I just end up feeling really wide. Although, to be fair it’s never actually been blocked, which might do wonders…. Anyone have any suggestions?