Rosemary tree! Almost done with shopping!

I have lights up on the window, sparkly garland wrapped around the bars. (Although, I haven’t been outside to see what it looks like from the street…. probably sort of like Christmas threw up all over the window, but whatever. FESTIVE!)

I also have very little voice. I think I got sick from the kidlets on Thanksgiving or Jexi at the fashion show. Either way, I’ve been sick for a week, and completely lost my voice on Thursday. Its slowly coming back, but I’m not supposed to talk. Which makes planning our upcoming road trip very difficult. And grocery shopping. And pretty much anything.

Wampa and the tree

Even with no voice, yesterday was extremely productive. Lots of Christmas presents bought, some even wrapped! Christmas tree decorated… okay, so it is a little rosemary cone, and doesn’t really need much decoration, but still… festive! While shopping for presents for the kids, Chris tried to convince me to buy the lego Millennium Falcon. I couldn’t bring myself to spend $140 on it, though, but we did go for the Hoth set. A Wampa! After we finally got done running around, I crashed on the couch while Chris got buys building. I think hanging out with Atticus reminded him how awesome building with legos is. I think we’re going to need to get a lego storage box of our own.

Oh, and that fashion show I mentioned? Yeah, as much as maybe that’s the reason I’m sick, it was still pretty fun. Michelle and Jexi have started their own line, called Fumé Noir. (They’re still working on their site so there isn’t really anything up there.) To launch the whole thing off, we did a fashion show at Dorian’s Parlor, the monthly Steam Punk event at the Doubletree hotel in downtown Philly. I absolutely loved the event. It was full of the most amazing nerds ever. My people!! And everyone was so friendly! My friend Tim and his roommate Pat came to hang out with Chris… Tim kept trying to dance, but I have to say, Steam Punk music is a bit tough for guys to move to. I could just do some sort of belly dance weirdness and flail around, didn’t work so well for him. But the guy in the cape (awesome!) and sort of military garb dancing next to us kept giving him encouraging looks. They knew were weren’t mocking them, merely very confused. The costuming was intense. You honestly couldn’t tell the people from the fashion show apart from the folks in attendance. The flickr stream over at the Dorian’s Parlor group has some great shots of our show as well as the general crowd. There were actually two shows, one was all leather stuff… ours was the one with the hoops and bull whip and other fun props :-) Also, after seeing Michelle dance with her sword… yeah, I want one.  So here’s my outfit… and so far the only shot I’ve seen with my eyes open. Sheesh, I need to work on that. The whole black-on-black aspect of it didn’t photograph very well, but it looked awesome in person.

Photo by Jason S. Colflesh