First go at pickling

Pickling supplies

We harvested a ton of peppers a week or so ago. It quickly became apparent that we could never use nor give away nearly enough. I didn’t mean to grow all hot peppers, I swear. I tried to plant two different varieties of sweet pepper that apparently were mislabeled at home depot. Instead of a sweet bell and a gypsy pepper I got a jalapeno and cherry red hot. That’s in addition to the jalapeno and cherry red hot I had already planted. Oh well…. canning time! I’ve never canned before, and of course I decide it will be a brilliant thing to do before heading out to a wedding. Right… but all the jars sealed, they look like pickled hot peppers are supposed to look, so seems all went according to plan. Still not sure, as we haven’t popped open a jar yet, but we’ll see.

Then, wedding! It was fun, I danced all night, and only took pictures of people waiting on the train platform to head back into the city for the ‘after party’. Where I realized I never grabbed my ID and couldn’t get into the bar. Ug. Cab ride home for idiot Nicole.

The NJ Hellrazors

Sunday was for relaxing, watching cheesy movies and finishing laundry. Then…. to derby! Jen O is on the NJ Hellrazors, and they had a home bout, at a roller rink that happens to be 30 seconds away from Chris’ parents house. We made dinner with his folks and headed over to the rink to watch Jen-O Go-Go zoom around the track. The Hellrazors slammed the other team, something like 175 to 69. It was awesome. Jen’s so fast! She skated as a jammer a whole bunch of times, and racked up a ton of points. Super rad. Now to get her wearing some stripey tights….