The PEX life

The temple burn. Or effigy... still not sure which it was

Oh PEX. It’s that time again- hot sticky summer, which means time for the PEX summer fest! Time to hang out at a campsite in Maryland, trying to stay as cool as possible during the day and wandering around watching the sites at night. The big change this year was that we made a great tent-town shade structure. Three tents, joined by a shade canopy, with cloth draperies tied to the walls for extra shade coverage. It made definitely made the daytime much more bearable. I don’t know how these people do it. The music is 24-7, and people are always out there dancing. I can’t keep that pace. I like wandering around at night, finding the interesting art exhibits. This group is all about LED lights and fire, so there is some pretty cool stuff. My favorite was a “24-7 rainbow” that was a big wooden packing crate, painted black on the inside with tons of little prisms hanging in perfectly cut holes and a spotlight aimed through them. (I tried to take a picture, but my camera is pretty bad in low-light.) Frank’s Kitchens put together a whole bunch of fire installations, including a huge propane tank fire jet thing…. I don’t know what to call it exactly, but its in the video at the bottom of this post. I remember there being more spontaneous fire spinning last year, perhaps I just wasn’t looking in the right places. There was more aerial dance this time- they moved the big forklift around the campsite and set up at various points in the night. That one was easy to spot though- the contraption is huge.

RRVS sign by Xtina

This was my second year at PEX. I go to perform in the fire show that Jexi (of Iconic Fire) and her collaborators put on. This year the show was called the Russian Roulette Variety show, and consisted of 5 acts- a piece by HulaGraphix (fire hoop and programmable LED hoop), a burlesque number by The Penny Treats, partner poi, fire-breathing and fan solo by Iconic Fire, contact meteor by Jerome Dmenza and Lux Arti’s bellydance/fan piece. I think it went over well. The audience seemed to enjoy it anyway. The whole thing felt like it was over before it started, quite a blur. Can’t wait to see photos and video of it. I wanted to get some shots of the other acts, particularly the awesome contact-meteor spinner Jerome, but since I had my fire fingers on, I couldn’t really work a camera. Those things are a pain in the neck to do anything except dance with. Hope they looked good at least!