making s'mores at the bonfire

Ahhh, small towns. They can be quite lovely to visit. And when it is Grafton, VT…. you may begin to feel like you’ll never leave. Not just because its quaint and friendly, but because it almost seems overly so. Stepford Wives so. Almost the whole place is owned and run by the Windham Foundation, and if that doesn’t sound like a company with a dark secret, I don’t know what does. The place is just so picturesque it seems like something must be wrong. Add to that the fact that every where we tried to go to be touristy (like the Alpaca farm and the maple syrup/sugar house) was locked and abandoned, with the look of have just lost its residents to a tractor beam…. well, my brother at least is pretty convinced there is a conspiracy, and I wouldn’t be surprised.

Tim & Corbin getting married

In all seriousness though… it was a great weekend. I haven’t danced that much at a wedding in ages. It was great to see my cousins, Tim and Corbin (the couple getting married) had a great set of friends, and we got to take over the whole town. (Oh, but you can’t make too much noise…. back to that its-a-super-small-town-thing.)

The folks who run the town also run a cheese factory/shop, so there was delicious Vermont cheddar EVERYWHERE. What a delicious delicious ploy to get visitors to buy cheese. Worked for me, I came home with my fair share of it.

Its always tough to head back to the office after a nice weekend of relaxing. There’s work to do, though, and life moves on. Soon we’ll have our fire fingers and I don’t have very much time to practice before our show… so lots to do. I have to re-sew the straps on my top, too, since the fabric I used originally is some sort of polyester and melts. Oops. I found the cotton blend I had intended to use in the first place, I’m hoping they’re long enough. I’d like to take a picture of the bra, since I’m pretty sure its the best one I’ve made yet… but it just turns into a boob-shot, so I’m going to have to wait till I have some more of the costume to show the whole thing. Tomorrow is our first “dress rehearsal” even though I don’t think anyone is quite done yet. We’ll see….