Yay for the Dawn Patrol ride!

Dawn Patrol ride

So the neck strap for my camera worked fantastically…. but my camera sort of failed. It takes forever to turn on, and a really long time to focus. Add in that there wasn’t very much sun and my camera hates low light… yeah, didn’t get very many good shots. It was a ton of fun anyway, though. All the rain meant the usual parking area at the club house were swamped out, so there wasn’t enough room for the slow races (oh drat). Ate some picnic food, bought a pair of riding sunglasses, got myself some good sunburn. Oops.

Other highlights of the weekend: swinging by Spring Caravan with Mom, (we didn’t stick around too long, so didn’t get to see this Super Mario Brothers Bellydance number in person, but wish I had, it looks super cute!) bought some fun things for the costume I’m working on for the fire-dance-number, stopped by a BBQ where I got to meet the folks who have one of my nêspera plants, played in the yard with hoops and watched some Doctor Who. Had some friends over on Sunday for an impromptu BBQ and a game of “Ticket To Ride.” Not an awful way to spend a weekend, that’s for sure.

Me & Jes at one of our performances

The only bad part about this weekend was saying good-bye to Jes. She’s on her way out to San Francisco to start a new job. Sounds like its perfect for her, and she’s going to love it out there. But I’m really going to miss her. I have some flowers from her garden, and a ton of great memories, but it isn’t going to replace having a great friend around to meet up with, drink some tea and knit away. Guess I’ll just have to make it out to the West Coast to visit. San Francisco is pretty much the mecca for bellydance/fire stuff anyway, so I’m sure we can find something fun to do when I do make my way out there :-)