starting to really like asparagus

So, to bore you with more tales of vegetables. This week I was super psyched to get strawberries. We signed up for the veggie share, I was under the impression that only full shares got overflow fruit. Fully planning on making a salad with some strawberries and some carefully rationed goat feta. (The goat cheese man, Andy from LindenDale Farm has another market that he is going to make his primary, so won’t be coming to center city much longer) Alas. When I arrived to pick up my share, mushrooms instead of strawberries. I am not a huge mushroom fan. I just don’t like the texture. But one of the reasons I signed up for this CSA was to get myself to eat veggies I usually avoid…. so I tried roasting some last night with some asparagus. Unfortunately, I made a disastrous attempt at fancy fish (hybrid bass with chopped zucchini, red peppers, spring onions, drizzled with wasabi dressing and Asian BBQ sauce, topped with a ton of chopped spinach. Total Fail.) so the mushrooms had nothing to go with, and I ended up tossing them. I was going to try again, chopping super small to throw in with the Indian chicken I was planning on making tonight, but I pulled a 7am-7pm day, and completely forgot by the time I got home. The only time I’ve ever liked mushrooms was when my friend Jon Adams made a mushroom pate, by cooking them down and blending into a smooth paste. All the taste, none of the texture. May just have to try it myself.

first crop of the year

So after the disappointment yesterday, imagine my surprise when I went out to the garden to water it today and saw three red strawberries hanging from my plant! I’ve never gotten a single eatable berry from this plant, the bugs always get to them first. This year the plant has some more space, and some of the berries ended up growing over the side of the planter. I think they did well because they weren’t lying on the ground, prime bug-eating-temptations. I put them in the fridge and plan to cut them into a salad tomorrow. We’ll see how much flavor they have. I’m just super excited to get my first edible (other than herbs) crop from the garden. Soon, peppers… but I have to be patient yet.

PS- any ideas for purple mizuna? I’ve never heard of it. A search for recipes shows some salads and some stir-fry ideas… but real-life experience and suggestions welcome.