I’m going to turn into a rabbit. And love every minute of it.

May 17th Farm Share

We got some broccoli this time! Since its just the two of us, we’re going to have some trouble getting through all our veggies, but I will defeat them! We still have some left from our last batch, but I’m working hard to get through it. Going to try sauteing some kale tonight. We made kale chips with the rest of it last week. Getting used to radishes, too. So much for salads- like I said. Rabbit. :-)

Dawn Patrol Card

Oh, and I can’t wait for the Dawn Patrol ride. I got the postcard in the mail yesterday, I must have given them my address at the last one. Such a nice and bright card! Hope the weather is nice. I even bought a camera strap so I can try to take some pictures during the ride. Not sure how well my camera will do with it, but its worth a shot anyway.

Now, to catch up on some Doctor Who (Neil Gaiman’s episode!) and then to finish making dinner… a good night ahead.