VNA Far Hills, NJ Spring Rummage Sale

First weekend in May means time for the VNA rummage sale! Of course, after a weekend sorting through Gramps’ attic the prospect of elbowing my way through crowds for some new used Stuff wasn’t supper attractive. However, the weather was forecast to be beautiful, I was looking forward to seeing a good friend I haven’t seen in ages, and its tough to pass up a nice opportunity to curl my toes in the Hunterdon County grass. Throw in Mother’s day weekend, and a trip to NJ was pretty inevitable. Turned out to be quite nice. I kept my buying to a minimum, mostly focusing on costume materials for the upcoming fire performance (in July).

strange shoes

I did, however, buy these shoes. They’re like decapitated cowboy boots. Or elf shoes. Or shoes to wear when hiding in cottages deep in the woods, planning on how to kidnap children and ply them with candy to get them nice and plump for whatever various spell you plan to cast. Yeah. They’re ridiculous. They don’t look too awful from the side. But from the top… the toes seem to get longer and pointier. I don’t know how I’ll wear them. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to leave the house with them on my feet. But they were the strangest shoes I’ve ever seen, and were $8 and I couldn’t turn away from the challenge.

Other than the shoes, I picked up a few shirts, the aforementioned costume materials, some nice lace curtains and a cute little clay pot that I intend to keep filled with flowers from my front garden. Which, by the way, has increased by another pot. Which I didn’t buy. Its the same kind my block captain gave me after the last planter was stolen, so pretty sure its from her. I’ll ask her about it when I see her, and I put a little note on the pot that says “Thanks!”

playing with the hoop

Hanging out at my Mom’s house on Saturday meant that I could finally play around with my hoop without worrying about flinging it at a car or over my backyard wall into the neighbor’s. I got her in on it, and the two of us tried, with varying levels of success, to do more than just spin the thing around our waists. Those hooper girls make it look so easy, and let me tell you- it isn’t. We spent just as much time falling over laughing as we did hooping. We both agreed some instruction could do us some good. I left my hoop with her, as I’m going to be getting another one from Lauren. She made my first, too. I love it, but its really huge, which is what you’re supposed to use for practicing, but in close quarters in the city, its a bit unwieldy. I hope Mom has some fun with it!