The Martinsville Beech

The house cleaning in Martinsville was a rough weekend for everyone. I’m a little late in posting about it, but it wasn’t something I wanted to reflect on right away. Long days, lots of dust, and lots of emotion. How do you sort through an attic’s worth of Stuff that spans over 30 years of a family’s life? (One box at a time, I suppose the folks in the carport over the weekend would have to say.) It will be hard to say good-bye to the house once it sells. I will miss this beech tree the most. Its a tree meant for climbing, for hanging squirrel-outfoxing-birdfeeders. For wrapping your arms the branches and hanging like a leopard. I really hope the people who buy the house appreciate that tree.

I didn’t take much home with me; a straw hat that I ended up wearing most of the day, a thank-you card that my father’s sister sent to my Mom’s parents after my paternal grandfather died… small things. But I did get an amazing quilt. It was my Grandfather’s, made for him by his mother. It is yellow and white, airplanes alternating with stitched eagles. Its fantastic, but very stained. I’m going to try to fix it up, I’ll take some photos when I do.

Something I learned over the weekend? For the love of everyone who will sort through your things after you’re gone- throw out your junk mail! And Christmas cards! Sort through your notes at least once a year! Opening insurance policy change notices from 1974 isn’t fun for anyone.