My Spring flowers out front.

nightime softball in West Philly

Last night it really felt like Spring. Softball season is here, and yesterday was a 9:00 game. Chris plays on a ‘beer leauge’ with a lot of our friends, out in West Philly. I’m not a part of the team because (a) I really hate playing softball and (b) I’m REALLY REALLY bad at it. pretty sure (a) is because of (b). But anyway. I am pretty good at keeping score. And sneezing. Apparently I have Spring allergies this year. Seems to skip every few. Full force last night. The team won (go team!) after being behind by 6 runs and playing a really great inning. Double play at first! (yeah, long-tall-Gaeson!) Home run when up at bat (double yay Gaeson!) Tie score, extra inning! Win by a run! Clearly Gaeson won MVP. Which with this team means you win a toy from “Kinky Quizzo” which most of the team goes to after the game. Leaving for work at 6AM means that I can’t really pull long nights anymore, so I bowed out before the migration to quizzo.

Tonight- more games! Pizza and Settlers of Catan with some hardcore settlers fans. The pizza should be here soon, the guys are showing up at 8:00, the windows are wide open. Hello spring!