Alabama Chanin inspired stitching

So that singer zigzag attachment I was so excited about? Yeah. Not so much. See all those holes in that hem? Not so pretty. And don’t you just love how even the seams are? I don’t. Ug. I was feeling bad about my real messy hem, so like the genius I am, I decided to hand stitch over it. Should have done that in the first place. Its based of the Alabama Chanin rosebud chain stitch. Its pretty much my favorite hand-stitch edging. It takes up a fair amount of thread, and doesn’t really work as well with this thin kind. (Alabama Chanin uses heavy “craft” thread, which holds the rosebud pattern much better.)

I wasn’t really planning on doing the whole waistband tonight, but forgot about the laundry- waiting for the buzz of the dryer before I can go to sleep, so stitching away it is… at least I’m being sleepily productive.

I’ve gotten some good work done on Alexis’s sweater, too… I’m a bit nervous about the bottom of it, doesn’t seem to have as much stretch as it should. (The pattern works the edging, binds off, then picks up stitches along the bound edge.) So the main body is finished, and I’ve started on the sleeves. Two at a time! Yay! No good photos though…. just a big blue mess. Trying to finish it by the end of the month, but without my daily train ride, work is much slower going.

Ah, there’s the buzz of the dryer… off to fold laundry and fall asleep. :-)