Cherry Trees in Fairmont Park

It’s finally spring! The weather on Saturday was beautiful. I had the windows wide open all day. The beautiful day made me anxious to get working on my garden. I still don’t have a plan for the back garden… I know peppers, but not sure about what else. I tried sprouting my own seeds last year, but I don’t really have a good spot for it. The kitchen gets sun, but only in the beginning of the morning, it moves around too quickly to get the seeds enough light. So I guess I’m going to buy pre-grown ones this year.. which means I need to be patient enough for them to be out at the stores. Gives me some time to plan, I suppose. Anyway, since I couldn’t work on the back garden, I took a stroll over to Urban Jungle, the local garden store, to pick up some flowers for the front pot.  Yay for plants!

This weekend was the Cherry Blossom Festival, in Fairmont Park. Always a little better in theory than in actuality, but still enjoyable. It gets super crowded, but the performances are worth it. The drummers are fantastic. They look like they’re having so much fun when they perform! I love seeing them every year.


finished skirt with shorts

Ah, but the weekend isn’t done yet! Inspired by this skirt, I fudged my way through my own version. I made it with a pillowcase! I bought a king-sized set of jersey sheets, with the intent to make this Alabama Chanin dress. I’ve been drooling over it for ages, and when I saw the sheets at target, I knew they’d be the perfect fabric. Turns out the pillowcase was perfect for this skirt, too. I wish the zig-zag on my machine was a little easier to use, the waistband is a bit dodgy, with some bad hand sewing fixing some gaps… but it’ll be a great summer skirt. Hope it holds up to all the wear I intend to give it!