My favorite local bar (Lucky 13) used to have the best samosas. They weren’t traditional style, by any means, but they were tasty, and one of my favorite go-to-meals. They’ve since switched chefs (a few times since then I think) and I’ve been craving good ones ever since. The ones at work (when Indian is the ethnic food of the day) aren’t bad, but they keep them pretty mild.

home made samosas

I picked up some won-ton wrappers a bit ago, with the intent to make some ravioli. But when we ended up with some leftover mashed potatoes this past weekend, Chris suggested I use them in some samosas. Brilliant! What a great re-use. I bought some canned peas, since I didn’t want a whole bag of frozen ones and the store didn’t have any fresh of the right kind. Honestly, they kinda freaked me out… canned vegetables are pretty gross. But mixed in with the rest of it, not too bad. I combined a few recipes I found online (this one and this one, mainly) but majorly upped the curry and red pepper. Perhaps a bit too much… I started out sauteing some garlic and onion, threw in the peas and some spices, stirred it around a bit, added some more spices, threw in the potatoes, kept stirring, added more spices… you get the idea. I had some trouble with the wrapping bit, I kept over-stuffing them. It was fun though. And the result? Rather good I think. Would definitely be better if I had made a good curry to go along with, instead of the fish and couscous that made up the rest of the dinner, oh well. Still tasty, no matter what they were paired with.