space book

I spent way too much at Boarders today. I took the day off to get my taxes done. I know, I know… you can use the free programs or HRBlock or something- but the folks I go to now fixed three years of mistakes, and helped me with my whole Oops-I-Didn’t-Register-With-The-City mistake with only minor penalties. Basically they’re my heros. So yeah, I get my taxes done. Lame? Maybe. Anxiety-free? Definitely.

But back to Boarders. The store in center city, right down the street from my tax people, is going out of business. Right now everything is 20-30% off. Swung by the audio books, picked up an auto-biography, a best seller fiction and a political memoir. Then up to the crafty section. A (still sort of expensive) book on natural dying. A book about sock patterns, instructions on how to adjust patterns as well as a few complete ones. I like toe-up, and the book is cuff-down, but I’m okay with trying a few that way. A book on Scandinavian needlepoint. And this book called “Cosmos.” Ever since I saw the Hubble book at Gramp’s house, I’ve been pining after it. Cosmos isn’t quite the same, but still has some amazing photography and some good information about space (and was only about $9). So yeah, I spent a little too much… but I think it was all worth it.