flowers from the fish store!

I love my local fish store, Ippolitos. They always have the best fish, and lately the shopping experience has gotten more and more entertaining. And this weekend- Chris surprised me with flowers from the store. I love that you can buy fish, veggies, bread and flowers all at the same place. The other weekend they had balloons out front. No particular reason, just to have balloons. If you’re in Philly and need something to make for dinner, do yourself a favor and swing by the store… you’ll have a great experience and walk away with delicious food.

cheese from Tria mmm...

This weekend included a lot of driving. I went my Mom’s, drove over to Verizon (still no new phone though, boo), and then drove to South Orange for a huge family night. It was nice to drive around Hunterdon County, roads that I’m actually used to. It helped getting used to the new car. Driving home on the turnpike- well, I was pretty sure I got lost getting off the turnpike, but turns out I was going the right way after all. (Which was a huge relief because it took two hours to get home, so it was already rather late.) And I parallel parked my car without crying! I know for a lot of people that’s not a big deal, but I freak out about parking. I never really had to parallel park before, and of course now I live in South Philly where its the only option. I’ll have to get better at it eventually, but its pretty nerve-wrecking for now.

The rest of the weekend was pretty relaxing. Some grocery shopping, some cheese and wine at Tria for lunch, some cheesy movies, and a delicious dinner. I made mashed potatoes! My favorite food ever.

Hoping the week goes well.