Tonight I bought a car. Ate some sushi. Drank some Squall. Made some cornbread. Watched some hockey. And am about to start knitting to get this sweater for Alexis finished. I am happy about all of it except for the car part. Ugh. I pick it up tomorrow. The sales lady kept trying to tell me I could take it home tonight. Right. Like I really wanted the first time driving my car to be in rush hour traffic on trolley tracks. No way lady. Picking it up tomorrow at 10:30. I got really great financing, put a good amount down, the whole transaction was pretty fiscally responsible. Apparently I have great credit. Woohoo.


Chris and I went out to Kisso after the car dealer, I needed a cheer up. (Kisso never fails for that) My dune-reading-friend-from-work showed up after we’d been there for a bit, but he sat across the room with his lady friend, with his back to me. We’d talked about places to go in town, and I knew we’d run into each other sometime, but there wasn’t really a good way to casually say “Hi”. Oh well. Hope he enjoyed it.

snail necklace

Last weekend I swung by the craft store, braved the horrid fake-flower-stench and picked up some jewelry making supplies. I’ve had a great pirate-coin necklace from my dad that needed a chain, and was inspired by this photo (I have coins, too! I could wear that to work! Yay, I have personality, I Am Not A Drone!) to re-make a necklace that Colleen gave me… it had a great center piece of a fossilized snail, but the rest of it was a bit short and always caught on my hair (the reason she gave it to me in the first place. She has super awesome curly hair, and it really didn’t mix with the necklace). The one problem is that it is tough to take a good photo of (a) a necklace I am wearing and (b) black beads. Oh well.

So now off to knit, and to pick up my car tomorrow, and to meet up with Gaeson & Megan and deliver baby booties to their son Gaston (hopefully he isn’t too big for them already!), get dinner with Chris’ parents, drinks with my cousin and get used to driving and parking in the city… deep breaths, deep breaths.