Cornish Hens, waiting to be roasted

Tasty Hen

I don’t have very much experience roasting chickens. It seems like a pretty classic meal, but until a few months ago, it really wasn’t on my radar as something to make myself for dinner. Then through some over-buying of chicken breast for jambalaya (we buy chicken for the jambalaya from a Reading Terminal Market vendor, so it isn’t the prepackaged chicken breasts I’m used to using) we ended up with some extra chicken needing to be cooked. Chris suggested we try roasting it…. so tasty! It is surprisingly easy, too. I can’t believe its taken me this long to figure that out. So last time we were at the market, we swung by the folks we bought the chicken from, and saw these Cornish hens. The last time I ate Cornish hen was at Medieval Times, in grade school (the time of the Orange Incident, as all Woodglen students I’m sure will remember). It was dark, we ate with our hands, it was pretty fun. But this time it seemed like a better idea to try for a more adult meal.

demolished that bird

Chris made some sort of spiced concoction for the skin (either though neither of us eats the skin, we decided next time to go simple with just some salt and pepper, cause the flavor didn’t really get past the crunchy outside) and we made a mission fig, crushed cashew, onion, garlic and spicy pepper stuffing. We put basil under the wings, too, though I’m not sure how much taste that added. While the flavoring outside didn’t really do much, the stuffing did a good job permeating the meat, and was even better once I figured out how to get it out of the hen and mix in with the rest of the meal. To go with our Cornish Hen experiment- tomato rice made with chicken stock, stir fried peppers and snap peas. What a tasty meal! Although, the one down side is that the small bird was a lot of work to eat. Pretty worth it though. The good side about a meal you need to work for? You don’t end up over-eating because it’s so tasty. Definitely going to try this one again.