Yummy yummy madelines

I made some cookies for a planned dinner tonight, but the dinner got canceled, so now I have a batch of Madelines sitting tempting me on the counter. They sure do make the house smell great….

finished but not blocked

I finally got around to taking a few pictures of some things I’ve finished in the past few weeks. Two sweaters, one scarf…. though only one out of the two has been blocked, all three have been getting a good amount of wear. A few issues, though.

The blue sweater needs a blocking and a color-locking bath. The yarn is really beautiful and brilliant, but the dye came off on my needles as I worked, and I’m scared to wear it with anything other than a black shirt for longer than snapping a photo. I think if I was to make this again, I’d make it a little longer, the pockets are at a slightly awkward height, but overall I like it. It’ll be good for layering in the spring.

Finished OWLS sweater

The owls sweater is great, I love the pattern, its super warm- but the yarn was cheap and you can tell. It pills like crazy. I don’t know if blocking it will help with that… I sort of doubt it. Other than that, though, this sweater has gotten quite a bit of wear with the snowy cold weather, and I’m rather pleased with it. (Also, I just love Kate Davies, her patterns are great, and I think she’s a really inspiring lady. She had a stroke last February and following her site through her recovery is just awe-inspiring. She was knitting again in no time! She’s got a great pattern called “paperdolls” that has inspired fantastic variations, including a Totoro one! I like the hedgehog one, too.) The pattern calls for buttons for the eyes of the owls, but I left them off. I think they work really well for some of the finished sweaters posted over on ravelry, but not so great on others. I like keeping the owls a bit subtle on mine, particularly so I can wear it at work without feeling like I’m screaming “Look at me, I’m crafty!” (Not that it looks like that on other people, but that’s how I’d feel, so better to leave out, I think.)

CU of the owl cables

Finished, and blocked!

I finished the scarf most recently, so it hasn’t gotten as much wear as the other two yet. I used yarn that I acquired from the Ultimo knitting group, it was dusty and had to untangled and washed, but I like how it came out. Its raw silk, and I thought (even though it’s a relatively loose knit) it would be a bit warmer than it turned out to be. Which means it will be great in the spring, but it’s not quite right for this weather. Oh, and it keeps catching on my earrings which is a little annoying. It’s definitely not the only scarf that does that, though, so I’m okay with it. This one I had to block though, those pesky leaves wouldn’t keep their shape without it. I still sort of half did it, though, I pinned a few, but didn’t have enough space to lay the whole thing out, so folded it in half on my ironing board. I think it worked, though. The scar is surprisingly long for being a “shawlette” as the pattern says, but its light so it doesn’t feel unwieldy while wearing it. I think mine ended up a bit smaller than the pattern intended, but I planned for it to be that way (the yarn was off gauge, and I didn’t correct for it) so I’m pleased with the result.

wrapped up cedar leaves

Next up on the needles: a nice squishy cable-y hooded sweater, with the yarn my Aunt gave me ages ago. It was supposed to be for the Mrs. Darcy sweater, but after looking at a few finished versions, I don’t think I made a good color choice for that sweater- hers looks fun, mine would look like a librarian’s sweater, and not a fun funky librarian. It is the perfect yarn for the Alaska sweater, though, so cast on, project begun. I’ve also got some booties to make, but I keep tearing them out… I’m a little tired of the Saartje booties, so wanted to make a different pair, but I think the yarn/needles combos I’ve been trying just aren’t working. I wanted to make something using up part of my stash, but I don’t think I’ve got the right baby-friendly yarns for it. Perhaps another pattern search will lead to something. I’ve got one more sweater queued up, a cardigan for Alexis. The yarn arrived (sale at Webs, yay!) but I didn’t have the right needles, so they’re on their way to my doorstep. Sticking to my only-two-projects-at-a-time means I need to get the booties figured out before the second sweater is started, which is a good thing, I suppose. Onward with new projects!