This weekend was Halloween. So obviously it was an awesome weekend. But surprisingly, the awesomeness wasn’t really costume/halloween related. Chris heard on NPR about an event at the PMA- a re-creation of Michelangelo Pistoletto’s Turin event of 1967- rolling a giant ball of newspaper around the city. Since we’re both members and don’t take advantage of it nearly enough, we went to check it out. Pretty rad!

The kids at the event sort of took over the ball-rolling (and what adult is going to tromp over a kid to roll a ball?) so we didn’t participate in that part, but walked with the horde for a while. Beautiful weather, a fun artsy crowd, and kids rolling a giant ball- whats not to like? We also got to see a members-only preview of the gallery show. Finally, the PMA is featuring an artist who is actually relevant and alive! The show was cool, and seeing it without the mass amounts of people that the special exhibits tend to get was pretty great. A lot of his work has to do with reflective surfaces, so it was cool to see the art reflecting the room, not a huge crowd- added a good element of space to the pieces, rather than claustrophobia.

chicken chili and cornbread

Then, since it is fall after all, we made a batch of chili- our first attempt. Pretty much bastardized this recipe. We added three kinds of beans, corn and chicken sausage. And I have to say, for our first chili attempt, not too bad. I made some cornbread too, that turned out pretty awesome. The perfect amount of sweet. Overall, I’m rather pleased with our culinary excursion.

lizard awesomeness

Oh, and it was Halloween! I re-used my lizard/dragon/dinosaur dress from last year. It never got a very good run, so I thought it was worth it. I added some lizard-y make-up and was set. Chris did his George Michael/mistaken-for-prolifer costume again. Seriously, not enough people are familiar with 80’s pop icons. He had the cross earring and everything. Come on, its WHAM! (You can’t see in the photo, but he had short white shorts and white sneakers, too.) I really don’t get why anyone ever buys a costume… making them is so much better! We went to Rob’s house, where I knew almost no one (and the people I did sort of know where wearing costumes, so difficult to recognize) but was fun anyway. He’s got a good group of halloween-enthusiastic friends- the best kind for a costume party!

George Michael with a lizard

George Michael with a lizard

And for Sunday, a good chili and eggs breakfast and some lazing about the house. So far (its about 8:45 pm) we haven’t had a single trick-or-treater…. so I’m glad I didn’t buy extra candy. I never got around to carving my pumpkin, so I’ll have to figure out something to do with it. A good pumpkin soup perhaps? MMmmmm…. any recipe suggestions?