My favorite kind. Chris is off in Minnesota visiting some friends this weekend, so I’m lazing about by myself. Friday night was a great spur-of-the-moment girls night. DJ Cheb I Sabbah was in town, spinning at a yoga center in old city.

DJ Cheb I Sabbah spins at Shanti Yoga Shala

I’m not sure who first found out about the show, but it was posted by someone on facebook, and one-by-one a few of the fire-dancer girls saw it, and decided to go. It was a nice night. I haven’t seen the ladies in a while, and the impromptu gathering was great fun. I was under the impression that he was a rather popular DJ, spinning to huge crowds, but there were only about 30 people there. Whether that was lack of publicity or the fact that I run in a small circle that sometimes seems rather large, I’m not sure.But it lead to a nice intimate dance party in a beautiful yoga studio, all of us wearing socks or bare feet. There was a girl who did a phenomenal dance/yoga routine in the beginning that was incredibly graceful and inspiring. I think I need to get back into yoga, maybe it will help balance me after/before my ridiculous commute. Perhaps some stretches at the train station while I wait for a connection? Not sure how well that will work in my work attire, but we’ll see!

The rest of the weekend has been errands, cleaning and taking advantage of Chris being on vacation, so maxing out on perogies and Doctor Who (two things he’s not exactly fond of). Now I’m off to grocery shop, work on the documentary and maybe try to get the damn hoop to move away from my hips. I really need to take a class or two, its just so much harder than the good hoopers make it look! Lauren says to just wiggle it up. Yeah, okay…. I just keep knocking things over. Oh well. With practice, perhaps I’ll get it.

Oh, and I’ve been buy some silly things lately….. like this bathing suit.

Black Milk Bathing Suit
Brass Dr Who cuff

I know, I know, its expensive. But I’ve been looking for a onepiece I like for a long time, and this one is just so rad. And I just got an awesome new job. So I’m treating myself. And maybe this will force me to go swimming more next year. And I’m stuck in corporate casual clothes all week, so I need to rebel in some ways… and I totally talked myself into it but I think it was worth it. Also, someone please talk me into/out of buying this bracelet. (Dr Who themed, but cool looking, not screaming “NERD!”, just a little bit…. and I <3 cuffs… oh dear.) Oh, Etsy, you’ll be the death of me.