4 rolls from kisso... best sushi ever

Chris and I met up with our friend Jon for sushi tonight. I’ve been trying to arrange this dinner for a while, but its been pushed to fruition because Jon is moving away from Philadelphia. And not just to the suburbs either, he’s heading to Oakland, CA next week. I’m super sad that he’s moving so far away! Jon’s become one of my good friends here- he’s the genius behind the quail-egg-mushroom-paté pizza, and our parties just won’t be the same without him. (He’s also the one who told me and Chris about Kisso in the first place, so its fitting that we had our goodbye dinner there.) Over the time that I’ve known him, he’s become one of my favorite people to hang out with, and he will be sorely missed. Happy travels, Jon, and I hope that your new job brings you back to Philly sometime soon… we’ll have a spare room ready and waiting for you, and a kitchen ready for fun experiments.