Sunfish Pond

Guard Dog DeeDee

Hikers for a weekend

JenO, DeeDee and I hit the trail again last weekend, with a new hiking buddy, Sarah. Sarah and Jen were girlscouts together back in the day- we didn’t sing any camp songs, but we did play a few healthy rounds of hangman and dots and boxes (play online here!) Of course, it poured. Always seems to whenever JenO and I plan a hike. But it held off while we cooked dinner and for us to stake the tent, so it all worked out. We’re referring to this trip as the “lazy loop” because we took it real easy. Last year we did 25 miles. This year we just hiked to the pond, spent some time at camp and hiked around the pond and back down. I don’t think we’ve ever set out this late in the year before- it was such a pleasure to be chilly!

new growth after the fire

Backpacker 2 was a welcome sight, but a bit changed. There was a fire up on the mountain at the beginning of August. The vegetation is growing back, but charred wood is everywhere, (the brown trees in the top photo are fire-damaged, not early autumnal changers) and the rain made it smell like a campfire, which was quite a tease, since open fires aren’t allowed. But that didn’t stop us from getting quite decadent. We made tiramisu! It was pretty awesome. We based it off this recipe, but used handysnack pudding instead of powdered milk and pudding mix and Stella D’Oro cookies instead of lady fingers.

Camp Tiramisu

It was AMAZING. And as an extra bonus- the instant espresso isn’t a terrible coffee-flavored-warm-drink for the morning! I don’t think its a totally practical treat for two people on the trail, but with an extra pack- its perfect. It makes enough for four, but the three of us managed to finish it off, too :-) I think it would be a really great thing to make on a long-ish day hike with a bunch of people. You do need to carry at least two pots, though. One big enough to build the dessert in, and one to heat up the coffee/Kahlua mixture. It is a bit tough to clean out, if you had more people I bet you could find someone to lick the pot, classic camp style.

my crew

So why has it taken me so long to post this, you might ask. Well, I started a new job on Monday. Skill wise its pretty similar to what I was doing before, but its a totally different environment. I went from a small production company that took 15 minutes to get to on my bike to a huge pharma company that takes an hour and 45 minutes (when all goes smoothly) via subway/regionalrail/shuttle. Its going to be an adjustment, but the job is good, the people are great and I’m looking forward to not being the new kid. I hate the awkward dancing that always happens as a new employee, I wish I could fast-forward to next month. But I have my menagerie keeping me company at my desk, and my edit notebook at my side, so I’m set for whatever will come down the line.