The perfect yarn for the buttonhead!

Wow, that was a fast knit! I cast on yesterday and cast off today! I’ve been wanting to try the buttonhead pattern out for a while, and when Leethal wanted to do a knit-a-long (over on Ravelry), I thought it would be a perfect chance to be pushed on to start it. The knit-a-long was a buttonhead + game knitting, which is a super cool concept great for TV watching- basically when something on your list happens, you switch something in your knitting- purl instead of knit, or cable or something. (Lee has an e-book about it) You end up with a really cool randomized project. (By the way, she has really great patterns and super cool other things on her site- go! go check it out!)

knitting (and my birthday shirt!)

I didn’t do the game knitting part of it, because I wanted to try out the pattern on its own first and I wasn’t going to knit with a tv show, so I figure I’ll have another go at the hat with the game knit part incorporated, but I’ll have to put that off until after I finish the owl sweater.

I still need to block the hat. Honestly, I’ve never actually blocked something before… I’ve always just let it go. But this yarn is a bit lumpy (which is why I thought it’d be perfect for the buttonhead, its a formula more than a pattern, so gauge doesn’t really matter) and I think blocking might smooth that out. I need to find a balloon or something to do it properly, it’ll be an experiment for sure! And I think it will be good practice for the sweater I’m working on, since I’m pretty sure I’ll need to block that.

Not a bad finished project for my birthday! (I know I don’t look happy, but thats cause I hate taking photos of myself, nothing to do with the hat!) I already have a request for a second, so one will be heading out to Seattle with the next care package.

yay buttonhead!