Productive weekend! I started it out by trying to score a pair of free pants at Gap. I didn’t make to one of the first 50, but it was still a good sale, so I stuck around. I really hate crowds, and “Oh My GOD! I Want Those PANTS!” crowds are really no fun. But, I got some clothes that I’ve been needing for a while and got out of there as quickly as possible. Then, off to the farmer’s market. The cheese at the Rittenhouse market really is the best. Took a break from the amazing pepperjack for some cheddar… seriously, if you are in town, do yourself a favor and swing by on Saturday morning. Its worth it.

farmer's market tomatoes for the salsa

Chris and I were madmen in the kitchen this afternoon- candied walnuts, fresh salsa (WOW! Why have I note done this before??) and a pasta casserole with farmer’s market veggies and some from the garden, sausage from Martins… yay local! And a lovely night with True Blood and Mad Men and my knitting, really, what better way to end the weekend?

WIP back... Owls!

WIP front