Scorch performing the "Phantom" vignette

Scorch went for another round at the Ab’n’Jacks All Better Fest this weekend. It was just a few of the vignettes, and the whole thing was a little last minute (our only run-through was a few hours before the show). The festival itself was a bit hybrid. Half PEX burners, half bluegrass. The show seemed well received from the folks there, though.

One of the soon-to-be-ripe cherry red hots

Also, my peppers are ripening! A no-go on the shallots, though. I think I somehow messed that one up, and left them in the ground too long. Last year the cucumbers killed some plants, this year the peppers are killing the cucumbers.

I think I need to plan out my garden a little better. Maybe just plant peppers, or leave extra space around the cucumber. The gifted tomatoes aren’t taking this weather too kindly, and I have to admit, I haven’t really been caring for them that well. The mint is taking over (pulling that out at the end of the year and keeping it in its own little pot next go-around). And I didn’t get any strawberries before the bugs, oh well. The pablanos are thriving, the red-hots are ripening, and the jalapenos are chugging along. Yay for gardens!